Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Kimberley Dynamiters Exhibition Roster

The following is the Kimberley Dynamiters roster for the upcoming exhibition games on Wednesday (Creston) and Friday (Cranbrook).

Players in Bold are returning KI players from last season - note that there are players from last year currently trying out at the Jr A level, and could return this season.

Players in Italics were AP's at some point last season.

Goaltenders (4):
Mitch Traichevich 1997 
Adam Andersen 2000 
Nathan Spark 1998
Matthew Trulsen 1999

Defencemen (6):
Quaid Anderson 2001
Bo Cornell 1999
Hayden Dance 1999
Caymen Froude 1999
Luke Purdy 1998
Harrison Risdon 2000

Forwards (18):
Wyatt Flemming 1998
Troy Feldbusch 1998
Logan Middleton 1998
Brandt Bertoia 1998
Jordan Bautista 1996
James Farmer 1997
James Rota 1998
Donte Nowell 1998
Ryan Hozjan 1996
Sam Paskuski 1998
Terrell Clarricoates 1999
Nick Ketola 1997
Brayden Koran 2001
Kyle Cairns 1998
Franco Colapaolo 1996
Damien Tough 1998
Rylan D’Etcheverrey 1998
Koby Adams-Louis 1998

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Kimberley Dynamiters had a successful camp and now prepare for exhibition games

Head Coach and General Manager Derek Stuart said "it was good to get back on the ice," as the Kimberley Dynamiters held their annual training camp on August 26-28. "The work ethic, competition level, and intensity level was all high"

A total of 54 players showed up to show off their skill set to make the 26 player exhibition roster. There were seven KIJHL veterans at camp, four returning Nitro's and three played elsewhere last season. There are also seven Dynamiters at Junior A camps, and depending on their performance at those camps, may or may not return to the team for the Season Opener on September 9th.

The 26 remaining players will have two exhibition games, one this Wednesday at Creston versus the Thunder Cats and the other on Friday against the Golden Rockets in Cranbrook at Western Financial Place, to show that they want stay on the team. Final cuts are expected to be made as early as Saturday. A big uncontrollable factor about who will make the team all depends on the trickle down effect from the Junior A teams. This creates an uncertainty and is a waiting game for both the players and the coaching staff.

Stuart added that players who want to make the team "need to be players that can compete and make it hard for other teams to play against. They need to work as hard as they can, and show that they want to make the opening day roster."

An area of concern that Stuart noted heading into camp was the loss of point production this past off-season. "Offensive skill has been addressed. Scoring by committee at this point."

The 26 player exhibition roster is expected to be released later on Sunday or sometime on Monday.

Stuart wanted to thank the volunteers; "the coaching staff really appreciated all the volunteers that helped out behind the scenes, they helped the camp be a success."

Friday, 26 August 2016

Dynamiters Main Camp

Remove: Clouser, Anderson
Add: #35 Wiederhold G
Add: #39 Spark G
Add: #17 Pakuski F
Remove: Jarbeau
Add: #1 Traichevich G
Add: #31 Hall G
Remove: #13 Pakuski F
Remove: Widerhold, Spark
Add: #33 Anderson G

Friday Night
It was all drills for the three squads. The message was sent loud and clear to all attending, that all spots are open regardless if they had signed with the team.
The drills allowed the players to show case their skills and abilities in quick, intense, battles. A nice viewing of their potential.
I wish Head Coach/GM Stuart and the coaching staff well in picking their roster.
*more to follow as camp proceeds*

Returning Players on Team Red: Doell and Farmer, plus recently signed Calrricoates and recently acquired Ketola.
Returning Players on Team Black: Traichevich, Ty Van Steinburg and Trev Van Steinburg, plus recently acquired Hozjan.
Returning Players on Team Green: Purdy, Rota, Colapaolo and last year AP D'Etcheverrey. Andersen was also AP for a short stint last season.

Game 1: Team Red 1 vs Team Black.0
1st Period
Wiederhold (35r) started for Red
Nickell (33b) started for Black
Feener (14b) with the first heavy hit on Doell (2r)
Hozjan (12b) sacrificed the body blocking a shot, remember this is just tryouts people.
Farmer (12r) with the first good scoring change as he dangled into the slot and fired one on Nickell (33b)
Wong (9r) scored the first goal on a rebound shot from Anderson (4r)
Elias (10r) was crunched by Cornel (2b)
2nd period
Wiederhold (35r) in net
Jaren Hall (31b) in net
Bautista (not that Bautista, he plays baseball) (8r) with a great opportunity from his rear, fired over the net.
The tall Spark (39r) took over Team Red crease duties midway through the period
Bautista (8r) again with a nice chance, this time cranking the cross bar with a wrister at the end of a shift.
Cornel (2b) and Migneault (15r) collide heavily as the chased down a loose puck.
Elias (10r) had a great chance as the period ended.
3rd Period
Traichevich (1b) in net for Black
Spark (39r) remained in net for Red
Trev Van Steinburg (10b) with a quick start and an early chance.
Feener (14b) received a nifty pass in the slot but fired the shot over the net
Feener (14b) this time feeds Feldbusch (8b) in the slot but is stoned by Spark (39r)
Feldbusch with some nifty moves in the slot tucked a pass to Cornel (2b) who thought he scored but the goal was waved off.
Anderson (4r) with a heavy hit on Trev Van Steinburg (10b)
Ty Van Steinburg shoved over, and made it look simple, Clarricoates (11r)
In the last minute Risdon (4b) stopped a brilliant EN chance with a back check which led to a great chance by Feldbusch (8b) as he passed the puck to Ty Van Steinburg (5b), but again stopped by Spark (39r)

Game 2: Team Green 3 vs Team Black 2 (two games in a row)
1st Period
Traichevich (1b) starts for Black
Anderson (33g) starts for Green
Middleton (10g) with a great chance after a feed from Langridge (12g)
Curry (5g) with a heavy hit on Huston (16b)
Trev Van Steinburg (10b) blocked a shot and it stung
Feener with a beuaty dangling chance
Risdon (4b) with a hard hit on Middleton (10g)
2nd Period
Andersen (33g) in goal for Green
Hall (31b) in goal for Black
Purdy (2g) collides heavily with  Huston (16b)
Bertoia (no relation to George Bertoia) (9g) passes nicely to Wycott (14g) for first goal
Feldbusch splits the D and couldn't deposit the puck, neither could Feener (14b) or Migneault (15b), great efforts by Andersen (33g)
Langridge (12g) with a goal after a pass from Middleton (10g)
Rota (8g) with a great change skating to the slot from the half boards, and stopped by Hall (31b)
Risdon (4b) checks Middleton (10g) heavily in the crease, there was a green goal on this play but couldn't tell who scored on the scramble play
Hozjan (12b) with a heavy snip shot goal
Cairns (9b) finds the roof for a goal
3rd Period
Birmingham (30g) starts for Green
Nickell (33b) starts for Black
Migneault (15b) breaks up a 2-on-1 with a block
Bohan (3g) breaks up a 3-on-1 chance the other way.
Cornel (2b) with a great individual effort, deking but is stopped
Tic-tac-toe passing play between Middleton (10g), Gafer (16g) and Langridge (12g) but were stopped.
Feldbusch (8b) with another individual effort, but couldn't burry his chance
Froude (3b) with a classic hip check on Bertoia (9g)
Langridge (12g) rattles a chance off the post.
Ty Van Steinburg with a buzzer beater effort, but is stopped.

Game 3: Team Green (two games in a row) vs Team Red
1st Period
Spark (39r) starts for Red
Birmingham (30g) starts for Green
Farmer (12r) leads a 3-on-2 chance that was broken up.
Pakuski (17r) with a back hand chance but was stopped by the pad of Birmingham (30g)
Bautista (8r) with a break away chance, but is stopped
Farmer (12r) with a great chance after a slick pass from Elias (10r)
Middleton (10g) and Dance (5r) collide hard at centre ice
Wong (9r) with wheels, breaks in but couldn't bury his chance
Bertoia (9g) with a goal from the point
2nd Period
Bautista (8r) roofs the puck for a goal assist to Elias (10r)
Farmer (12r) feeds Bautista (8r) again, this time the shot is deflected out of play
Doell (2r) goes end to end, stopped by Birmingham (30g)
Farmer (12r) snipes over the shoulder for a goal
Wiederhold (35r) in net for Red
Andersen (33g) in net for Green
Ketola (16r) with a great wrap around chance
Bautista (8r) with a sharp angle shot that dings off the crossbar
Farmer (12r) with a steal in the slot, but Andersen (33g) is up to the task
Farmer (12r) with another steal in the slot with another chance
Ketola (16r) with a great chance as he tries to deke out the goalie, but Andersen (33g) doesn't bite
Doell (2r) rattles a point shot off the post
3rd Period
Bertoia (9g) with a great chance at the top of the slot, Wiederhold (35r) flashes the glove
Pakuski (17r) with the steal, passes to Wong (9r) who is stopped by the extended pad of Andersen (33g)
Farmer (12r) with a goal after a steal by Gafer (16g)

I wasn't able to attend Sunday. There were another three scrimmages. Head Coach/GM reported that the scrimmages were slower paced due to fatigue of so much ice time in a condensed period of time, and some teams having to play back-to-back games.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Kimberley Dynamiters Training Camp Schedule

At the Kimberley Civic Centre, August 26-28.

  • 2pm - Player Registration
  • 4:30-6:30pm - On-ice Session
  • 8:30-9:30pm - On-ice Session

  • 1:30-6:30pm - On-ice Sessions

  • 9am-1:15pm - On-ice Sessions