Friday, 30 December 2016

Kimberley Dynamiters sweep Christmas Classic series, that ends in a brawl

The Kimberley Dynamiters were able to sweep the Christmas Classic series for the first time since 2011-12, with a 3-1 win in the filled to capacity Fernie Memorial Arena.

It took until the later half of the second period for either team to solve the goaltenders. Joe Karpyshyn would score the first goal of the game on the power play from Tyler Van Steinburg.

"Last night was a better start than it was Wednesday, still wasn't one of our better starts." Head coach and general manager Derek Stuart said. "We just progressively got better and better as the game wore on."

"We did an excellent job of silencing their crowd. Our penalty kill was outstanding. We limited their scoring chances."

Karpyshyn and Van Steinburg would team up for two more goals in the third periond, one each, to give the Dynamiters a commanding 3-0 lead with five minutes left in the game.

Ghostriders Nolan Lagace would end Cody Campbell's campaign for a shutout with four minutes to go.

It was what happened in the last 30 seconds of the period. Ghostriders leading scoring, Mitch Titus, was hit hard and play had to be stopped while he was helped off the ice. There was no call on the play as the hit was overlooked by the officials.

"There was an inadvertent hit on their top scorer. Our guys shoulder hit their guy in the arm. It was not intentional." Stuart said, "The guy that was involved in the contact has 20 career penalty minutes, he is our least dirty player. It was two guys caught in the same lane going top speed and ran into each other.

"Obviously in today's hockey, when your best player gets hurt there is going to be retribution whether if it is a clean hit or not."

However, the 'Riders did not miss the play and took matters into their own hands when the puck dropped. An ensuing linebrawl happened with 182 minutes worth of penalties called on the single stoppage (As of 5:30 pm suspensions had not been posted).

"They chose to instigate a line brawl the following whistle. We only had 2 players fight, 3 of our guys didn't drop their gloves or throw a single punch.

"The rule is clear, if the team instigates a line brawl, the instigating coach and players get suspended. Hopefully the league follows the rules as they are stated in the supplement."

The Nitro's would leave the game in a theatrical manner as they won the game 3-1. Campbell made 35 saves for the win.

"The prime scoring chances Fernie did have, [Campbell] was excellent. Very square to the puck, very little rebounds. He was one of the main reasons that the score was zero heading into the third.

"At the same time it gave our team a lot of confidence having our starting goalie in net. He performed like he always has."

The win now puts the Kimberley Dynamiters in first place in the Eddie Mountain Division. The Nitro's have a two point, and two win lead over the Creston Valley Thunder Cats.

However, for Stuart and the Nitro's they were not focusing on Creston, they focused on beating Fernie.

"When we are not playing Creston, we don't think of them at all. We are focusing on our opponent. Our goal was to put distance between us and Fernie."

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Kimberley Dynamiters win an exciting game in double OT over Fernie Ghostriders

Kimberley Dynamiters versus the Fernie Ghostriders, during the holiday break, it must be the Christmas Classic series!

The first game of the home-and-home was held in Kimberley Wednesday night, where over 1,000 people crammed into the Civic Centre, to watch, what was arguably the best game of the year. A game that head coach and general manager Derek Stuart said probably won some fans back.

However, this game wasn't a finesse or hard working game, it was sloppy and disorganized, but highly entertaining. Officials were stuck in the unfortunate accident at Moyie, and the players were not completely in game shape.

"Having a nine day lay-off, any team is not going to be in as good of shape as they were when they left." Said Stuart. "It is something everyone has to deal with. The conditioning and the lack of lung capacity definitely showed."

The Dynamiters got on the board early with a power play goal from James Farmer. But Fernie had an answer, and then a plus one, as Justin Peers scored two goals for the 'Riders. As the period drew to a conclusion, Matt Davies would tie the game with 19 seconds left.

Davies would give the Dynamiters a one-goal lead, only for the 'Riders to again respond with two of their own goals to give themselves a 4-3 lead, despite being outshot 12-6 by the Nitro's.

"In the second period we deserved the better fate, score wise." Stuart said, "In my opinion, we carried the play, we just didn't get the bounces on goal.

"Give Fernie credit, they played a good solid road game tonight. Didn't give us too many opportunities. We had to earn every opportunity we got."

In the third period, the pace of the game slowed, as the lack of conditioning over the Christmas break began to show. Kimberley then had a chance to get level in the game with a penalty called with 2:19 left in the third. Adding to the intensity was clock issues, as the score clock struggled to post the remaining time. Nonetheless, it took the Nitro's took 30 seconds to cash-in on the power play with a goal from Chase Miller. It was from this moment on that it felt like overtime.

The first period of overtime, four on four, resolved nothing so the game moved into a five minute period of three-on-three hockey.

Nicholas Ketola was dragged down on a break away and awarded with a penalty shot, but Ghostriders goalie Brandon Butler stopped him. Moments later the Nitro's thought they scored the winner, but the net was dislodged before the puck went in. No goal. After two glorious opportunities, hope was beginning to fade.

"We have gotten to the point as a staff that when something like that happens, we don't have to say anything anymore." Stuart said "The group of leaders and veterans were just telling everyone to calm down and keep plugging away. They take care of it themselves."

And that's what they did. With 2:22 left in the last period of overtime Herringer (now credited to Karpyshyn) scored the overtime winning goal. The Civic Centre erupted!

"The most important thing is that we beat Fernie, putting a little more distance between us and them." Stuart said.

"It feels good. It's nice to get the win after a break." Defencemen Tyler Van Steinburg added.

The Dynamiters now shift their focus down the highway as they travel to Fernie for the second game in this home-and-home series.

Van Steinburg said that the team needs to focus on this game being a new game: "Got to get our heads around that it is going to be an entirely different game. It will be more compact in a smaller rink. They are going to be right on us, we are not going to have the time like we did tonight. Be ready to hit and be hit."

Whereas, Stuart is looking to capitalize on any advantage that his team has: "We have to take advantage of the little advantage that we have, that we don't need to travel back on a bus and get back to bed to get rest. For us going into Fernie, it is important for us to have a good start.

"Overall, which ever team is in the best condition right now will have the advantage."

Photos by Jonathan Righton

Kimberley Dynamiters recognize longtime supporters

The Fabro family has been longtime supporters of the Kimberley Dynamiters since 1959.

They have volunteered countless hours, been sponsors, and even helped build the Civic Centre - just to name a few things.

Don Fabro started volunteering with the Dynamiters organization in the 1940's, attending the games with his father, Alphons. Don passed away in April 2016 at the age of 84, supporting the Dynamiters up until then.

He and his family were honoured and thanked during the December 28th match against the Fernie Ghostriders, where Don's wife Marj and son Chad dropped the puck.

Photo by Jonathan Righton

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Fernie Ghostriders

Kimberley DynamitersvsFernie Ghostriders
2ndDivision Standing3rd
3rd (4.44)Offence (GFA)6th (4.16)
5th (2.72)Defence (GAA)9th (3.29)
0.911Goaltending (SV%)0.891
3rd (24.31%)Power Play6th (22.84%)
3rd (86.67%)Penalty Kill17th (78.95%)
3rdPower Ranking7th
8-2-0-0Last 105-3-1-1
Chase Miller (11G-23A)Top ScorerMitch Titus (16G-23A)
James Farmer (9G-19A)2nd Top ScorerJustin Peers (17G-13A)
Franco Colapaolo (13G-15A)3rd Top ScorerAlex Cheveldave (12G-16A)
Brandon Langridge (93)PIM LeaderAlex Cheveldave (107)

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Fernie Ghostriders

Kimberley DynamitersvsFernie Ghostriders
2ndDivision Standing3rd
4th (4.42)Offence (GFA)6th (4.17)
5th (2.68)Defence (GAA)8th (3.23)
0.915Goaltending (SV%)0.898
4th (22.86%)Power Play5th (22.58%)
2nd (87.34%)Penalty Kill14th (80.41%)
3rdPower Ranking7th
8-2-0-0Last 106-3-1-0
Chase Miller (10G-23A)Top ScorerMitch Titus (16G-21A)
James Farmer (8G-19A)2nd Top ScorerJustin Peers (15G-13A)
Franco Colapaolo (13G-14A)3rd Top ScorerAlex Cheveldave (12G-15A)
Brandon Langridge (93)PIM LeaderAlex Cheveldave (105)

Thursday, 22 December 2016

KIJHL Power Rankings - December 22, 2016

Just before we get settled in for the Christmas weekend, let's look at the KIJHL Power Rankings while the stats are static for several days.

Since it has been freezing, let's start with the cold news, and work our way to the hot news.

First the cold teams:

  • Kelowna Chiefs have declined six points since the last power ranking, followed closely by the Grand Forks Border Bruins (who started the year ranked 3rd in the September Power Rankings and now sit 15th).
  • It's a three way tie for the three coldest teams: Creston Valley Thunder Cats (still dangerous, just have cooled their engines to human), Fernie Ghostriders and the Columbia Valley Rockies. - December was a rough month for a chunk of the Eddie Mountain Division.
Second, the hot teams.
  • The Revelstoke Grizzlies have improved the most since November.
  • The Kamloops Storm are right behind.
  • And the Osoyoos Coyotes - which helped them take the number one spot.
The Beaver Valley Nitehawks have surrendered the first spot to the Osoyoos Coyotes, and now sit second. The Kimberley Dynamiters sit third, ahead of the Creston Valley Thunder Cats and Summerland Steam that are tied for fourth.

Here is the complete listing:

Monday, 19 December 2016

Kimberley Dynamiters double both opponents heading into holiday break

The Kimberley Dynamiters head into the holiday break on a six game winning streak after defeating the Columbia Valley Rockies and the Nelson Leafs.

The Nitro’s opened the weekend with a game against the Rockies Friday. In an ongoing trend, the Nitro’s gave up the first goal of the game, and headed into the first intermission down 2-1.

“That was not a good start at all. That was exactly what I was worried about. They were not ready to go,” said general manager and head coach Derek Stuart. “They thought it was going to be an easy game because Columbia Valley is struggling at the moment. As you saw, Columbia Valley is a very worthy opponent.”

It took until just after the midway point of the second for the Dynamiters to tie the game with Nolan Kurylo’s second goal of the game. The play that changed the game was when Caige Sterzer busted in and scored an individual effort goal with under a minute left.

“I thought Sterzer's goal was the turning point for us. He did everything we have asked,” Staurt said, “he drove to the net, protected the puck, made a great move. It really was, in my opinion, the momentum shifter in the game giving us the lead going into third.”

In the third the Dynamiters added to their lead, as new comers Joe Karpyshyn and Nic Herringer scored their first goals as a Dynamiter to give the Nitro’s a 5-3 lead. Herringer would then score his second goal as the Dynamiters doubled the Rockies 6-3.

Stuart was impressed with the play of the two new forwards, and both feel that they have adjusted to being on the team.

“It felt good to finally get one.” Herringer said. “The first couple of games I was just feeling it out, came close. It feels good, good to help out.”

“I felt pretty good out there.” Karpyshyn said “Felt like I was shaking the dust off because I haven't played in about two weeks. It was a good first for me.”

Cody Call also made his first start as a Dynamiter and made 32 saves for the win.

“I thought he did great. After he settled in, I thought he was phenomenal.” Stuart said, “He made some outstanding saves. To be honest, I thought he kept us in the game for quite a while in the second period. He made some highlight reel saves.”

“It was a little nerve racking. Some pre-game jitters.” Call recalled, “Once you get the first shot out of the way I knew the boys had my back. Once we got rolling I knew we had it in the bag.”

The Dynamiters then shifted their focus to the Nelson Leafs, a team that has been just as hot as the Nitro’s, before they got to go on their holiday break.

The Leafs opened the scoring, as former Nitro, and current Leafs captain, Sawyer Hunt scored.
It took until the middle frame, when the Dynamiters were outshot 21-7, for the Nitro’s to get on the board. Matt Davies got the first goal, followed by Kurylo and Lucas Purdy.

“We had to remind them that we were not the team we were showing them in the first 40 minutes.

“Reminded them of the two alumni (Marchi and Bennato) that were honored tonight, and reminded them of how hard they played every time they suited up.

“I thought in the third period they came out and played like we can. If we would have done that all game, we would have been in good shape for the entire 60 minutes.”

In the last period, the Nitro’s outshot the Leafs 21-2, and Franco Colapaolo added the fourth, as they doubled their opponent for the second game in a row 4-2.

Purdy scored the eventual game winner, “A pretty new experience for me. I'm not a big goal scorer, so it is pretty nice.”

Purdy added, “We came out a little slow. But we finished it off and got the win, and that's all that really matters. Pretty good game.”

Cody Campbell made 31 saves, taking the Nitro’s into the holiday break on a six game winning streak.

“I think the results were definitely great, for the most part we executed how we wanted to, we got the result we wanted.” Stuart said. “Going into the break for us, we are just looking forward to a break right now, to refocus with the back-to-back with Fernie when we get back.”

MATCH STICKS: Caige Sterzer and Harrison Risdon have been named to the KIJHL Top Prospects game on January 14th in Kelowna. Alumni Jared Marchi had his number retired Saturday against Fernie.

Photos by Jonathan Righton

Check it out in the Kimberley Bulletin/Cranbrook Townsman

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Kimberley Dynamiters retire Jared Marchi's number

On December 17, 2016 the Kimberley Dynamiters surprised alumni Jared Marchi by retiring his number 15.

"I had no idea," Marchi said, "I thought I was just coming to drop the puck."

Marchi's number now hangs with Ryan Bennato's number 25.

"It means so much to me, it is huge," a speechless Marchi said. "This organization was a big part of my life for five years. The countless volunteers, the staff, the coaches, the players, it is just an all-round great place to play with the fans. It's just huge to have a number retired."

Marchi played five season for the Nitro's from 2010-2016. He scored 97 goals, 117 assists for a total of 214 points in 228 games. He was a part of the 2015 KIJHL Championship team.

According to Eliteprospects, Marchi is first in total points, second in goals, third in assists, and first in games played since the Dynamiters joined the KIJHL.

Amongst KIJHL All-Time leaders, Marchi currently sits, tied for 8th in goals, tied for 17th in assists and 12th in points.

"I didn't know what to think or what to say or what to do." Marchi said "It was just such a special feeling to be out there with Bennato. It's a huge honour. I'm speechless.

"Thank you to everyone within the Dynamiter organization that helped me get to where I am."

Photos by Jonathan Righton

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Kimberley Dynamiters Sterzer & Risdon participating in KIJHL Top Junior Prospects game

The KIJHL released their Top Junior Prospects roster on their blog, This Week In The KIJHL. The Kimberley Dynamiters have two players on the roster, forward Caige Sterzer and defenceman Harrison Risdon.

The Eddie Mountain Division is sending two other players to the game, forward Jake Gudjonson from the Golden Rockets, and defenceman Derek Green from the Fernie Ghostriders.

Risdon ('00) has played in 23 games scoring one goal and one assist, while adding 80 penalty minutes.

Sterzer ('00) has scored eight goals and eight assists, including five power play goals, in 24 games this season.

"I'm pretty excited," Risdon said with a smile. "It's an honour being selected. It will be a great experience."

Sterzer shared the same setiment: "It's an amazing feeling. Very honoured."

Both feel that hard work and dedication earned them a spot in the lineup.

"Takes a lot of hardwork and dedication to your team," Sterzer said. "Got to work hard and go 100% each game."

"It takes a lot of hard work and dedication," Risdon added. "Proving yourself to the vets, the coach, that you are up there and are ready to play. You really need to sacrifice your body."

Both of them are looking to prove that they have what it takes to play at the next level.

"I want to prove that I am able to play at the level that they are scouting for," said Risdon. "Prove that in maybe a year or two that I am able to play that level."

"I just want to play my game for the scouts that are watching," Sterzer said. "Play as hard as I can. Hopefully they will see that I am a hard worker."

While head coach and general manager of the Kimberley Dynamiters, Derek Stuart, had this to say,

"Both very deserving. I think again Harrison Risdon was one of our best defencemen again tonight as he was last night. Risdon is getting better and better.

"Caige is developing into a real fine young man, that is taking pucks wide and is learning to play the game in this league and at this level against guys that are four years older than him. He is definitely deserving and has earned it."

The Top Junior Prospects game, a showcase of the 00's and 99's in the KIJHL, will be held in Kelowna on January 14th.

Congratulations to the Risdon and Sterzer.

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Nelson Leafs

Kimberley DynamitersvsNelson Leafs
2ndDivision Standing4th
4th (4.43)Offence (GFA)13th (3.19)
5th (2.70)Defence (GAA)12th (3.35)
0.913Goaltending (SV%)0.897
5th (22.39%)Power Play17th (10.87%)
2nd (86.93%)Penalty Kill7th (86.08%)
5thPower Ranking15th
7-3-0-0Last 107-3-0-0
Chase Miller (10G-19A)Top ScorerDale Howell (17G-15A)
James Farmer (8G-18A)2nd Top ScorerSawyer Hunt (10G-21A)
Franco Colapaolo (12G-13A)3rd Top ScorerAndy Fitzpatrick (10G-4A)
Brandon Langridge (93)PIM LeaderLogan Wullum (92)

Friday, 16 December 2016

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Columbia Valley Rockies

Kimberley DynamitersvsColumbia Valley Rockies
2ndDivision Standing4th
4th (4.38)Offence (GFA)16th (2.46)
5th (2.69)Defence (GAA)19th (5.04)
0.912Goaltending (SV%)0.871
6th (21.88%)Power Play20th (5.65%)
3rd (87.50%)Penalty Kill20th (75.17%)
5thPower Ranking18th
7-3-0-0Last 101-9-0-0
Chase Miller (10G-18A)Top ScorerMike Dyck (3G-14A)
James Farmer (8G-18A)2nd Top ScorerCarter Beston-Will (6G-10A)
Franco Colapaolo (12G-13A)3rd Top ScorerRyan Skytt (7G-8A)
Brandon Langridge (91)PIM LeaderDavin Burton (103)

Kimberley Dynamiters focusing on weekend games before holiday

The Kimberley Dynamiters are preparing for the last two games before the KIJHL goes on a holiday break. The Dynamiters host the Columbia Valley Rockies (6-19-0-3) Friday and the Nelson Leafs (14-14-0-2) Saturday.

The Kimberley Dynamiters currently boast the best home record in the KIJHL, winning 14 of 15 games in their barn. They have not lost at home since the 2-1 opening season loss to the Fernie Ghostriders. That’s a 14 game winning streak.

Head coach and general manager Derek Stuart has two difficult tasks to make sure the players don’t get too high or too low, it is maintaining focus being on a 14-game win streak at home and navigating through the excited emotions about the holiday break.

“I think all the players know we have a good home record, but no one is talking about it,” Stuart said about trying to keep the players focused.

“If anything, it doesn't have to do with our home record, it has more to do with the Christmas break beginning Sunday.”

The players, and as is everyone, is distracted by the upcoming holiday break.

“The players are excited to go home for a week and see their family and friends. Had to friendly remind them at practice [Tuesday] that their break doesn't begin until we take care of business on Saturday.”

This Friday will be the third time this month, and fifth time this season that the Rockies and Nitro’s have played. The Nitro’s lead the season series 4-1, outscoring the Rockies 21-9. The Rockies are currently on a seven-game losing skid.

However, the Leafs are a less familiar opponent and are heading a different direction in the standings compared to the Rockies, having won their last five. The two teams have only met once this season, back in October, when the Nitro’s won 2-1 at home.
Stuart feels that his team will be able to focus and find the motivation through their team goals and once the puck drops.

“One of our goals was to have the best home record in the league and to obtain home ice in the first round of the playoffs. In order to do that we have to take care of as many games as possible, but especially our home games.

“There is motivation enough. Once they get ready for the game on Friday, the motivation should be there.”

Both games start at 7pm at the Kimberley Civic Centre.

MATCH STICKS: Korbyn Chabot (’99) has been signed by the Trail Smoke Eaters (BCHL), and registered his first point with the team Wednesday.

Check it out in the Kimberley Bulletin/Cranbrook Townsman

Monday, 12 December 2016

Kimberley Dynamiters Chabot signs with BCHL's Trail Smoke Eaters

The Kimberley Dynamiters leading goal and point scorer, Korbyn Chabot, has signed with the Trail Smoke Eaters (BCHL) for the remainder of the season.

"I'm looking forward to a new start in [the BCHL]. The speed of the game is quicker too." Chabot said, "but most of all meeting new guys and having a new start with a new team."

"I match the kind of game that trail plays. Hard on the puck hitting every chance I get and I can put the puck in the net"

Chabot collected 20 goals and 14 assists in 25 games with the Nitro's this season, and has amassed 33 goals and 21 assists in 71 games, including 11 power play goals and 5 game winners.

The Cranbrook native first suited up for the Dynamiters as an AP in the 2014/15 season for four games, and was a part of the 2015/16 KIJHL Championship team. Chabot was also a prospect for the Tri-City Americans, being drafted in the ninth round of the WHL Bantam draft in 2014.

"It's always tough when you lose your top goal scorer and point getter," head coach and general manager Derek Stuart said. "At the same time, if any team loses just one guy, I don't think should to much of an effect if they are deep enough and I believe we are."

Stuart added that he has crunched some numbers: "I did a little bit of math, and if we take away Korbyn's 20 goals we are still averaging 3.9 goals per game as a team, so I think that is more than enough to win.

"I think we are deep enough that it will give some other guys an opportunity. I don't think that it will effect us too much."

As hard as it may be to lose the top scorer, the goal of the Kimberley Dynamiters is not just to win, but to develop players.

"One of our main objectives as an organization is moving players on to the next level." Stuart said "We are very proud to help another player achieve his goals."

As for Chabot, it is a bittersweet moment. "It sucks [having to leave], I have made some good life long friends on the team but I'm excited for a new start."

He has since registered his first point with his new team on December 14th.

Pair of wins ties Kimberley Dynamiters for Division lead

The Kimberley Dynamiters had a big weekend as they took down two divisional opponents.

First, they declawed the Creston Valley Thunder Cats with a 6-4 win at home. Then they followed it up by a controlling 4-0 win over the Columbia Valley Rockies.

Against the Thunder Cats, the Nitro’s power play was clicking early as they took a 2-0 lead into the first intermission, with goals by James Farmer and Chase Miller.

“We just focused on our power play and few things we had to do,” Said head coach and general manager Derek Stuart. “The main thing, is generic that everyone says, that is moving pucks quicker and getting pucks at the net. It's nothing extraordinary or mind blowing, it is just simple hockey in getting pucks and bodies to the net.”

In the middle frame, Miller gave the Nitro’s a 3-0 lead. But the Cats clawed their way back into the game, cutting the Nitro’s lead down to one.

In the final 20 minutes, the score doubled for both teams. Devon Langelaar scored a power play goal, and then Korbyn Chabot added two more goals, for a final score of 6-4.

The Dynamiters came away with a solid win on home ice against the Cats, who have dealt the Nitro’s a couple of losses in Creston.

“It's a matter of two teams being very, very hard to beat on their home ice,” Stuart said. “It's an arena that we take pride in. The players and the coaching staff really enjoy and appreciate the fans that come out to our games.

“We try to do our best for them and reward them, not only with a victory but with hard work that they can be proud of.”

There were two firsts in this game, it was recently acquired Nic Herringer’s first game as a Nitro, and it was George Bertoia’s first game back from being injured.

“Herringer was really good in his first game with a bunch of new systems being thrown at him in a day. He fits in real well with what we are trying to do here.”

Where as G. Bertoia was excited to be back in the game: “It was good, just to be back, winning with the boys.  It's a lot better than sitting in the stands.”

The Dynamiters then prepared for yet another game against the Columbia Valley Rockies, and G. Bertoia said the team needed to “just stick to the game plan. Play hard. Get the two points.”

Despite the Dynamiters pouring 18 shots on net, it was scoreless after 20 minutes. The Dynamiters took control in the second period, though.

“We had to give them a little kick in the butt to remind them that they are not better than anyone else, unless they go out and prove it.” Staurt recalled, “They didn't do that in the first. In the second we were better, moving feet, moving pucks. We controlled the puck and the game in the second period.”

The Dynamiters scored three goals in the span of four minutes. Newcomer, Nolan Kurylo got the Nitro’s on the board first, followed by Matt Davies, and Brandt Bertoia.

B. Bertoia would eventually get three points in the game, in front of his parents in the crowd. “My parents made the drive down from Unity, Saskatchewan. I like to make them proud.

“It's not even proving to my parents,” B. Bertoia added. “it's proving to the team, players and coaches, what you can do. They showed some trust in me, and I should show them why.”

The Dynamiters then added their fourth goal of the game, courtesy of Caige Sterzer, as the Nitro’s secured a 4-0 victory over the Rockies.

Cody Campbell made 23 saves for his second shutout of the week. It’s been a big week for him as he took the starter role after Mitch Traichevich was traded to Dawson Creek for Cody Call.

“I feel very confident in my abilities.” Campbell said after the game Saturday “I can't see why we can't have more success to come.

“I'm really just trying to prove that the coaches made the right decision. When my team plays like that it's not hard for me to do.”

Kurylo has also been making his mark on the team as he has earned six points in five games. “I've just been sticking to the system and the game plan. It's just been working out. I have been working hard, and I have been rewarded for it.

“I'm a gritty player, I will get into the hard areas.”

The Dynamiters are now on a four game winning streak, and sit tied on top of the Eddie Mountain Division with the Creston Valley Thunder Cats.

“The toughest thing about being a coach is not letting these guys get to high when they are up and not letting them get too low when they are down.” Stuart said as he is preparing the team for the upcoming home games this weekend against the Columbia Valley Rockies and the Nelson Leafs.

MATCH STICKS: Connor Kendall (’98) has suffered a season ending injury. Nic Herringer ('98) and Joe Karpyshyn ('98) were added to the team.

Photos by Jonathan Righton

Check it out in the Kimberley Bulletin/Cranbrook Townsman

Friday, 9 December 2016

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Creston Valley Thunder Cats

Kimberley DynamitersvsCreston Valley Thunder Cats
2ndDivision Standing1st
5th (4.33)Offence (GFA)1st (4.89)
5th (2.74)Defence (GAA)4th (2.41)
0.910Goaltending (SV%)0.912
10th (20.34%)Power Play7th (20.77%)
4th (86.96%)Penalty Kill2nd (89.52%)
5thPower Ranking3rd
5-5-0-0Last 107-3-0-0
Korbyn Chabot (18G-12A)Top ScorerPaxton Malone (17G-30A)
Chase Miller (8G-17A)2nd Top ScorerJusten James (12G-19A)
Franco Colapaolo (12G-12A)3rd Top ScorerLiam Plunkett (10G-21A)
Brandon Langridge (91)PIM LeaderJusten James (82)

Kimberley Dynamitres lose one player, but add two more

The Kimberley Dynamiters head coach and general manager Derek Stuart continues to be busy tweaking his roster.

The Nitro's have lost Connor Kendall ('98) to a season ending injury.

"He reinjured the same shoulder that he injured last season and in the first game that he played with us, in the third period against Columbia Valley this past Saturday." Stuart reported. "It's too damaging physically and mentally, he is just not going to be able to play again this year.

"Its really too bad. He's a great kid, he's a great teammate. It sucks, but it is what had to be done.

"We are sad to see Connor Kendall leave. We want to thank him for all his hard work and being so mature about his decision. The boys are going to miss him, he was a great player when he was here."

Kendall collected two goals and three assists in six games with the Dynamiters this season.

Stuart then added two forwards to his roster Nic Herringer ('98) and Joe Karpyshyn ('98) both products from Calgary Alberta.

Herringer, at 6-feet and 180-pounds, joins the team after starting the season with the Calgary Canucks (AJHL). In 13 games with the Canucks, Herringer scored two goals and five assists.

"He's a very smart hockey player, he works extremely hard." Stuart said. "I've coached him in spring hockey for the last three years in Calgary; his skill level has gotten better every year. His numbers with the Canucks show that.

"He works really hard. He is very smart on the penalty kill and power play. He's got a tremendous upside to his skill."

Karpyshyn, stands at 5-foot-9 and clocks in at 170 pounds. He played the entire 2015-16 season with the Okotoks Oilers (AJHL) as an underage player scoring three goals and 12 assists in 42 games, while sitting for 108 minutes in the box. He went pointless in eight games this season with the Olds Grizzlys (AJHL).

"I coached last year in the AJHL. He played as an underage player last year. He wants to play hockey and see where his career goes from there." Stuart said.

"He's very gritty. He has a lot of speed and skill. His compete level is high. He is a bit of an agititator, he is not fun to play against."

Stuart said that, "both players were heavily sought after by many top teams in our league, and we are happy they chose to play in Kimberley."

Herringer and Karpyshyn are expected to make their debuts in Dynamiters colours this weekend, when the Nitro's host the Creston Valley Thunder Cats tonight, and the Columbia Valley Rockies on Saturday.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Kimberley Dynamiters down the Golden Rockets

The Kimberley Dynamiters were on the road Tuesday night as they visited the Golden Rockets.

For the first 10 minutes of the game, it was all Rockets.

“[Golden] definitely  came out strong and took it to us at the start.” Dynamiters head coach and general manager Derek Stuart recalled. “They were moving pucks and they had three or four odd-man rushes in the first ten minutes of the game.

“Last night was not that bad of a start.” Stuart added. “It was a case of a team taking advantage of another team that was on the bus for three plus hours, and using their rink to their advantage.

“After the first seven to ten minutes we slowly started to take over the game, and got better and better as the game went on.”

What held the Nitro’s in the game, as the Rockets fired 14 shots on net was the play of Cody Campbell.

“When he had to make big saves, he did.” Stuart said of Campbell. “There were timely saves in the first six minutes that kept the boys positive and allowed us to get our legs underneath us and come back and start attacking Golden.”

The Dynamiters found their legs in the second and third period as they out-shot the Rockets 25 to 18.

Newcomer Nolan Kurylo had a three point night as he helped the Dynamiters score three of their four goals.

“Nolan hasn't disappointed. He has skill, his speed is very solid.” Stuart said “His goals with us have been within three to five feet of the net - it's nothing flashy or pretty, he is getting the job done because he is working harder to get to the front of the net.”

Devon Langelaar continued his hot play notching a goal and an assist in the scoresheet. Garreth Osmar was the other goal-scorer for the Nitro’s.

By the end of the game, it was 4-0, and Campbell had earned a 32-save shutout in his first game back from injury, his first game since being given the starting job, and his first KIJHL shutout.

For Campbell, the shutout was ‘nice’ and a ‘bonus’, it was getting the win in his first game back that he valued more.

“It was nice coming off my injury to get a win. A lot of guys struggle after coming back from injury. It was just nice that my team was there in front of me and that my team was ready to play.”

The Dynamiters now focus their attention to their matchup Friday against the Creston Valley Thunder Cats (20-5-1-1) and then the Columbia Valley Rockies (6-16-0-3) on Saturday. Both games are at the Kimberley Civic Centre and start at 7pm.

“This is a really important week for us.” Campbell said. “Our goal is to get all six points so that we can catch up to Creston in the standings. [We had a] really good start for us to the week.”