Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Kimberley Dynamiters explode in the 2nd period (again) to win 6-2 over Spokane

Photo by Jonathan Righton
I always enjoy when the Spokane Braves come to town, they remind me of my Gonzaga days, and my residency there. The Braves, while a speedy team, appeared to be skating uphill, as this game was tilted.

Game Notes
  • 419 were in attendance
  • I have always felt that the Spokane Braves goaltenders are underrated. Their GAA & Records are unfortunately not impressive, but their SV% typically rank in the top half of the league.
  • The Braves only dressed 17 skaters.
  • Tyson Brouwer started against Blake Norman
If I broke the ice into thirds, I'd say that the largest amount of time was spent in the Braves end, next the neutral zone, than the Nitro's end. However, despite a very relentless PP and subsequent shift, the speedy Braves, were able to some how squeeze the puck past Brouwer from a very awkward angle. The Braves were up 1-0. The period was winding down, Marchi (who has had a knack for scoring lately) evened the game at 1, assists to Langelaar and Richter. Shots were 12-7.

The Braves engaged the Nitro's in a highly frantic pace of hockey. Both teams swapped chances. Spokane, a team that averages being on the PK six times in a game, got into penalty trouble. Marchi scored the first goal after a great pass. Kimberley went on the PP again, and this time Haase deflected the puck in. After off-setting penalties and then another PP chance for Kimberley, Hunt broke in, he faked going wrap around and then cut infront of the goalie, opening the five-hole and slid the puck in. Kimberley was up 4-1. Marchi couldn't wait 'til the third to finish his hattrick, so he netted this third of the game, giving the Dynamiters a 5-1 lead heading into the 2nd intermission. Shots were 18-7 Kimberley.

I tweeted that Marchi, after getting his second hattrick of the year, should be considered for the Dynamiters Player of the Month again (having just being named the October POM). I then heard someone standing read the tweet outloud, I wanted to go say "Hey! That's me" but I couldn't cause my son said it was too cold at the arena and wanted to go home. So if you're reading this, and you were the person who read it outloud while standing near the Zamboni doors, HI!

Doell just can't buy a goal, he had a short break away chance, went forehand to backhand, and just couldn't get it over the pad, or between the skate and post (proving my point that the Braves goalies are stellar, just they get peppered every night). Trevor van Steinburg added to the Nitro's lead as he took a pass from Haase that left him awkwardly on the forehand, which he then went backhand and roofed it, 6-1 Kimberley. At the midway point, the Braves were penalized for 2 and a 10, for playing the puck with a broken stick or without a helmet, or something that made him ineligible to be in the play (I learned that tonight), Kimberley was unsuccessful on the PP. Then in the final minutes of play, the Braves found the extra gear, and started frantically attacking. During that moment, while being aggressive on the defensive end, the Braves broke up an offensive attack that created a 2-on-1 and scored. It was 6-2. Shots this period were 17-10 Kimberley.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jared Marchi - 3G 1A

Honorable Mentions
Jason Richter - 3A
Kenaan Haase - 1G 1A eventual GWG
Trevor van Steinburg - 1G, while all the PK players block shots, there was one were Trevor, despite seeing the wind up, still sacrificed the body. That Braves player seriously tried rifling the puck through Trevor.

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Saturday, 28 November 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Spokane Braves

Kimberley DynamitersvsSpokane Braves
1stDivision Standing5th
2nd (4.08)Offence (GFA)19th (2.07)
3rd (2.12)Defence (GAA)18th (4.22)
0.926Goaltending (SV%)0.910
4th (20.66%)Power Play17th (10.74%)
4th (87.70%)Penalty Kill20th (79.04%)
1stPower Ranking16th
7-2-0-1Last 102-7-0-1
Jason Richter (20G-17A)Top ScorerKurtis Redding (15G-13A)
Eric Buckley (11G-22A)2nd Top ScorerMartin Jones (7G-9A)
Jared Marchi (12G-20A)3rd Top ScorerPaxtone Malone (6G-10A)
Justin Meier (67)PIM LeaderKurtis Redding (74)

Kimberley Dynamiters explode in 2nd period for 6-2 win over Columbia Valley Rockies

The last time these two teams met it was on neutral ice in Canal Flats and was a fantastic game. This game was in Invermere, and favoured the Nitro's.

Game Notes

  • Columbia Valley continues to be an improving team, especially after the addition Doan Smith to their lineup.
  • Injuries have at least five Dynamiters out of the lineup: Pagura, Wallace, Campanella, Rota and Chabot.
  • Traichevich started against McKay.
The newly signed Rockie, Smith, made his mark on the game early, notching a PP goal and giving the Rockies a 1-0, just after the five minute mark. The Dynamiters were quick to respond as Hunt scored a wrap around goal. After that, penalties stole the show, especially as a Rockies player drove over Traichevich to get a loose puck, which Buhler took exception to and was penalized. As the period ended, shots were 17-5 for Columbia Valley, showing just how much jump in their step they had, but it was a 1-1 game.

Buckley was hovering around the net trying to get a rebound, he was hacked at, but no penalty called. Stayed out for the face-off. He did what any opposing player does in the face-off circle and tries to lift the stick. Somehow he was given a 10 minute misconduct for being aggressive at the face-off circle. My assumption is that this call angered the Nitro's, and they used that energy on the attack. Buhler scored an unassisted goal, his first goal as a Dynamiter. Later on the PP, on a scramble play and the puck squirted out to the point, Busch fired it over the crowd and the goalie. 3-1 Nitro's. The Nitro's thought they scored their 4th goal, but it was waved off due the puck being deflected in with a high-stick. But that didn't stop Kimberley as Marchi took a feed from Richter and gave the Dynamiters a 4-1 lead. That's how the period ended, and Kimberley led in shots 17-8.

The Rockies scored early as they tried to get back in the game, cutting the Nitro's lead in half, it was 4-2. Then Kimberley's power centre, Haase, dropped the gloves. Both teams, players and coaches, chatted with each other as the ref sorted things out. Finally the puck was dropped again. Kimberley was awarded a PP shortly after. And in one of those moments that after-ward you said you did on purpose, but at first was an accident (atleast from my viewing perspective), Tyler van Steinburg fanned on a shot, but the puck glided to Doell who fired it in... maybe it was on purpose... Two minutes later, on another power play Richter added to the lead giving the Dynamiters a 6-2 lead. Penalties filled the remainder of the score-sheet and Kimberley killed time to win 6-2. Shots were 15-9 for Kimberley in that period.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jared Marchi - 1G 1A. I always enjoy his versatility.

Honorable Mentions
Jason Richter - 1G 1A
Jordan Busch - Eventual GWG
Tyler van Steinburg - 2A
Mitch Traichevich - 30 saves

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Friday, 27 November 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Columbia Valley Rockies

Kimberley DynamitersvsColumbia Valley Rockies
1stDivision StandingT-3rd
3rd (4.00)Offence (GFA)5th (3.56)
T-1st (2.12)Defence (GAA)16th (3.67)
0.926Goaltending (SV%)0.903
6th (18.97%)Power Play8th (15.34%)
4th (88.14%)Penalty Kill10th (84.75%)
1stPower Ranking15th
7-2-0-1Last 107-3-0-0
Jason Richter (19G-16A)Top ScorerMichael Cardinal (16G-17A)
Eric Buckley (11G-22A)2nd Top ScorerDonoven Quintin (14G-12A)
Jared Marchi (11G-19A)3rd Top ScorerNolan Menard (8G-13A)
Justin Meier (65)PIM LeaderDonoven Quintin (82)

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Looking at which teams are the most disciplined in the KIJHL

As we approach the midway point to the season, I thought it would be helpful to see which teams are the most disciplined in the league. I did this by looking at the number of games played, team PIM, and times shorthanded.

There are five sections to this post:
  • Raw numbers
  • PIM by number of Times Shorthanded
  • Times Shorthanded by Games Played
  • PIM by Games Played
  • Ranking the most disciplined teams
First the raw stats on their own. In the order of team name.

100 Mile House Wranglers 26 159 487
Beaver Valley Nitehawks 24 101 347
Castlegar Rebels 25 128 476
Chase Heat 23 113 380
Columbia Valley Rockies 27 177 598
Creston Valley Thunder Cats 24 106 435
Fernie Ghostriders 24 101 416
Golden Rockets 26 140 414
Grand Forks Border Bruins 27 169 623
Kamloops Storm 26 119 367
Kelowna Chiefs 25 113 558
Kimberley Dynamiters 25 118 407
Nelson Leafs 23 123 416
North Okanagan Knights 26 153 444
Osoyoos Coyotes 23 97 369
Princeton Posse 24 134 502
Revelstoke Grizzlies 21 128 352
Sicamous Eagles 25 133 389
Spokane Braves 27 167 427
Summerland Steam 23 123 446

Next is the number of PIM by the number of Times Shorthanded. 

This number would suggest that the lower the number, the closer the team is to taking two minute penalties for each infraction. The larger suggests more four, five or ten minute penalties. In order from smallest to largest.

1 Spokane Braves 2.56
2 Revelstoke Grizzlies 2.75
3 North Okanagan Knights 2.90
4 Sicamous Eagles 2.92
5 Golden Rockets 2.96
6 100 Mile House Wranglers 3.06
7 Kamloops Storm 3.08
8 Chase Heat 3.36
9 Columbia Valley Rockies 3.38
10 Nelson Leafs 3.38
11 Beaver Valley Nitehawks 3.44
12 Kimberley Dynamiters 3.45
13 Summerland Steam 3.63
14 Grand Forks Border Bruins 3.69
15 Castlegar Rebels 3.72
16 Princeton Posse 3.75
17 Osoyoos Coyotes 3.80
18 Creston Valley Thunder Cats 4.10
19 Fernie Ghostriders 4.12
20 Kelowna Chiefs 4.94

This shows that the Spokane Braves are more disciplined in terms of not taking four, five or ten minute infractions. Whereas the Kelowna Chiefs are more likely to take lengthier penalties.

Now to the number of Times Shorthanded by the number of Games Played

This number suggests how many times in a game a team will be short-handed. The smaller the number, the least amount of PP opportunities they give an opponent. The larger, the more chances on the PP the opponent gets. In order of least to most.

1 Beaver Valley Nitehawks 4.21
2 Fernie Ghostriders 4.21
3 Osoyoos Coyotes 4.22
4 Creston Valley Thunder Cats 4.42
5 Kelowna Chiefs 4.52
6 Kamloops Storm 4.58
7 Kimberley Dynamiters 4.72
8 Chase Heat 4.91
9 Castlegar Rebels 5.12
10 Sicamous Eagles 5.32
11 Nelson Leafs 5.35
12 Summerland Steam 5.35
13 Golden Rockets 5.38
14 Princeton Posse 5.58
15 North Okanagan Knights 5.88
16 Revelstoke Grizzlies 6.10
17 100 Mile House Wranglers 6.12
18 Spokane Braves 6.19
19 Grand Forks Border Bruins 6.26
20 Columbia Valley Rockies 6.56

This shows that the Beaver Valley Nitehawks, Fernie Ghostriders and Osoyoos Coyotes give their opponents the least amount of chances on the PP. Whereas Grand Forks Border Bruins and the Columbia Valley Rockies give their opponents plenty of chances on the PP.

Next is the amount of PIM by the number of Games Played

This shows how many PIM a team averages per game. The lower the less PIM per game, the larger the more PIM per game.

1 Kamloops Storm 14.12
2 Beaver Valley Nitehawks 14.46
3 Sicamous Eagles 15.56
4 Spokane Braves 15.81
5 Golden Rockets 15.92
6 Osoyoos Coyotes 16.04
7 Kimberley Dynamiters 16.28
8 Chase Heat 16.52
9 Revelstoke Grizzlies 16.76
10 North Okanagan Knights 17.08
11 Fernie Ghostriders 17.33
12 Nelson Leafs 18.09
13 Creston Valley Thunder Cats 18.13
14 100 Mile House Wranglers 18.73
15 Castlegar Rebels 19.04
16 Summerland Steam 19.39
17 Princeton Posse 20.92
18 Columbia Valley Rockies 22.15
19 Kelowna Chiefs 22.32
20 Grand Forks Border Bruins 23.07

This shows that Kamloops and the Beaver Valley Nitehawks have the least amount of PIM per game. Where as the Grand Forks Border Bruins have the most PIM per game.

Lastly, the most disciplined team

The goal, I believe for any team, would be to have fewer infractions, few PK's and less lengthy penalties.

This took the value of the rank in each of the previous categories, and ordered them by the least points. 

1 Kamloops Storm 3.08 7 4.58 6 14.12 1 14
1 Beaver Valley Nitehawks 3.44 11 4.21 1 14.46 2 14
3 Sicamous Eagles 2.92 4 5.32 10 15.56 3 17
4 Spokane Braves 2.56 1 6.19 18 15.81 4 23
4 Golden Rockets 2.96 5 5.38 13 15.92 5 23
6 Chase Heat 3.36 8 4.91 8 16.52 8 24
7 Osoyoos Coyotes 3.80 17 4.22 3 16.04 6 26
7 Kimberley Dynamiters 3.45 12 4.72 7 16.28 7 26
9 Revelstoke Grizzlies 2.75 2 6.10 16 16.76 9 27
10 North Okanagan Knights 2.90 3 5.88 15 17.08 10 28
11 Fernie Ghostriders 4.12 19 4.21 1 17.33 11 31
12 Nelson Leafs 3.38 9 5.35 11 18.09 12 32
13 Creston Valley Thunder Cats 4.10 18 4.42 4 18.13 13 35
14 100 Mile House Wranglers 3.06 6 6.12 17 18.73 14 37
15 Castlegar Rebels 3.72 15 5.12 9 19.04 15 39
16 Summerland Steam 3.63 13 5.35 11 19.39 16 40
17 Kelowna Chiefs 4.94 20 4.52 5 22.32 19 44
18 Princeton Posse 3.75 16 5.58 14 20.92 17 47
18 Columbia Valley Rockies 3.38 9 6.56 20 22.15 18 47
20 Grand Forks Border Bruins 3.69 14 6.26 19 23.07 20 53

Kamloops Storm and the Beaver Valley Nitehawks, the numbers suggest are the most disciplined teams in the league.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters win in OT over the Sicamous Eagles

The Sicamous Eagles were doing an Eddie Mountain division swing, and this was their last game in a three-game weekend.

Game Notes
  • The Nitro's still have a lot of players sitting out, but Tyler van Steinburg was back in the lineup
  • AP Rylan D'Etcheverrey dressed for the game. He has 1G 5A in 13 games for the Cranbrook Knights.
  • 336 showed up for the game
The Dynamiters started the game off short-handed due to a warm-up infraction. The Nitro's killed off the penalty. As the period ticked along, the Dynamiters kept peppering the Eagles goalie. Buckley potted the first goal as he took a pass from Trevor van Steinburg, The Eagles took back to back penalties, but they frustrated the Nitro's PP as the Dynamiters could not get too organized and solve the goalie. Kimberley took their 1-0 lead into the first intermission, leading in shots 13-6.

The Eagles came storming into the second period. Just over two minutes into the period they evened the game, 1-1. They also swooped in on the goalie several times. Eventuall Meier took exception to it, trying to protect the keeper since the official wouldn't, but he was given 2+10 as well as the Eagles player. The period ended in a draw, but with the Eagles leading the shots 11-6.

Moser busted in and shot the puck up high giving the Nitro's a 2-1 lead. The Eagles responded quickly tying the game up 2-2. Kimberley kept pressing, but the Eagles goalie brought his A+ game. As has been noticeable this season, that who-ever comes into our barn, brings their A+ game as they try to dethrone the defending champions in their own arena. There was a moment where the Nitro's thought they went up 3-2; but the official deemed that the puck was kicked in so the goal was disallowed. This game was headed to overtime! Shots were 15-7 Kimberley.

OT was short. Haase skated out from the corner and rifled the puck in the net.

Kimberley earned 3/4 points this weekend, with both games going to overtime.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Kenaan Haase - OT GWG. KIJHL Player of the game.

Honorable Mentions
Trevor van Steinburg - 1A
Eric Buckley - 1G
Austyn Moser - 1G

Extra Reading

Sunday, 22 November 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Sicamous Eagles

Kimberley DynamitersvsSicamous Eagles
1stDivision Standing5th
3rd (4.04)Offence (GFA)16th (2.25)
2nd (2.13)Defence (GAA)19th (4.46)
0.927Goaltending (SV%)0.916
6th (19.64%)Power Play10th (13.82%)
4th (88.03%)Penalty Kill19th (79.84%)
1stPower RankingT-17th
7-2-0-1Last 102-7-0-1
Jason Richter (19G-16A)Top ScorerNathan Plessis (11G-11A)
Eric Buckley (10G-21A)2nd Top ScorerAlex Astasiewicz (6G-11A)
Jared Marchi (11G-19A)3rd Top ScorerDanny O'Donnell (5G-6A)
Justin Meier (53)PIM LeaderCameron Flinton (42)

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters Pink Jersey's raise $3,000 for EKFH

Congratulations to an awesome fan base and team for raising $3,000 for the East Kootenay Foundation for Health. The funds will go towards a new machine that will help detect breast cancer.
Photo by Jonathan Righton
In a cool moment when the winning bidders were claiming their jersey's Brouwer stole his number and gave it to the winner of his jersey, Katherine Wang. She is a big fan of his, having created several pieces of art work.

Kimberley Dynamiters lose in OT as the Fernie Ghostriders chaotically storm their way back

Photo by Jonathan Righton
It's always a full house when Fernie comes to town, and this game did not let down.

Game Notes

  • While most fans feared KIJHL leading scorer, Cole Keebler, I said the greatest threat for Fernie is Zach Befus (#1 clutch scorer)
  • 691 crammed into the arena to watch the game
  • Injuries: Wallace, Pagura, Campanella, Chabot, Tyler van Steinburg, Hunt, and Rota were all sidelined.
  • The Ghostriders have five players listed as injured.
  • Two local boys dressed for the game: Caige Sterzer (Kimberley) and Terrell Clarricoates (Cranbrook). Sterzer ('00) has been playing Major Midget for the Kootenay Ice, has played 16 games scoring two goals and two assists. Clarricoates ('99) has bee playing for the Ice as well, in 15 games he has one assist.
  • Brouwer started against Orser
  • This was the mitts, tuques, and sock toss on the ice after the first goal. Fans eagerly awaited.
Compared to the rest of the game, this period was tame. Teams swapped chances early on. And what may have been an indication of the confusing calls to come, a Rider player tripped up Busch, and no call was made - despite all the evidence of the Rider players stick being caught in Busch's blade. Nonetheless, Richter erupted the arena as he busted in with speed and scored the first goal of the game. The mittens, tuques, and socks flooded the ice surface (while this is a great activity for an awesome cause, I often wonder if it interferes with the flow of the game for goalies, players and coaches. Then after that goal, this game got chippy. There were slashing, and roughing after the whistle calls - all in one sequence, that favoured the Riders, so they went on the PP. Kimberley blocked shots and kept the puck along the edges to hold onto their 1-0 lead. At the intermission shots were 10-9 for Kimberley.

In summary. This period had 28 PIM and two game misconducts. Details: Buckley skates past a goalie before the whistle has blown to get the loose puck, that equals a 10 minute misconduct. Brouwer scrambles to make a save, a Rider player then goes limp fish and falls on the him. Then the Rider player slowly struggles to get up (as if he is a peewee player learned to skate) and continues to drive his knee into Brouwers chest - well that's an innocent Rider player, no call. As the period drew to an end, the recently acquired Buhler dropped the gloves, both players got fair swings and I'd call it a draw (Fernie fans say the Rider won because he got more swings in, Kimberley fans say Buhler because he wrestled the Rider to the ground). There were chances, but they were overshadowed by the grungy-ness of the game. Shots were 11-10 for Fernie.

We go from a period with so many calls, to a highly skilled game. Noting though the ref has also put his whistle away, wanting to let the players decide the game. The Haase, Buckley, Trevor van Steinburg line played excellent, and there was one shift where they were just firing on net, eventually after several close chances, van Steinburg buried a rebound. The Dynamiters were up 2-0 with 15 minutes left to play. Fernie kept pressing, and on a two on two break, a Nitro player was guided into Brouwer, very eloquently, and Fernie scored on the play, it was 2-1. Then with just over two minutes left, on a scramble play with Brouwer snow-angel-ing on the ground, the puck was slid in. 2-2. Then this is when the arena started to boil. After a whole period of letting everything go, Doell was being cross checked and held, so he began to hold the Fernie player back, as the two struggled, Doell tackled the Fernie player to the ground an was penalized (which this has happened heaps already this period, no calls). So Fernie now has a PP with 1:17 left in the game. Silence, and a lot of nail biting (nervous energy). Kimberley nearly won the game as an alley-hoop pass was sent to Marchi who broke in deked, but couldn't lift the puck over the goalie, so the game stayed 2-2 going to overtime. Shots this period were 11-11.

In a strange start to the period, the ref was having a pow-wow with the four Fernie players on the ice - which is unusual because typically only the captain (or alternates) can chat with the official. But here we have all four skaters and ref chatting it up. Puck dropped and Fernie was still on the PP at the start of the period (held my breath) but Kimberley killed the PP. Then as Kimberley tried attacking, they were tied up, tripped up and crunched - again no call. This develops the mentality in the players of "If that's what they can do to get possession of the puck, then I can too!" So Farmer went to get the puck back and tripped up the Rider player - the ref called it kneeing (imo I didn't see a knee on knee) and handed the game over to the Riders on a silver platter. 20 seconds after the penalty call, the Riders scored. Then a barn that doesn't like to lose to Fernie, adding the mixture of not in that fashion, booed.

Kimberley played a fantastic game, they still get one point out of that match. The Riders won that game with the help of the officiating - which I know isn't fair to say, and they have a hard job - it was just hard to swallow the inconsistency. As fans, for some reason, we expect million dollar refs for a Jr B game - when we actually get Jr B (or refs in training) and the good ones (cue my fav official) move on to Jr A.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jason Richter - there is just something about his passion that is motivating. Scored the opening goal.

Honorable Mentions
The whole Buckley-Haase-van Steinburg line - Their speed and aggressiveness to win back puck possession was a delight to watch.
Austin Moser - Given the complimentary duty of leading the two AP's.
Devon Langelaar - He was given more ice time with the injuries, had some solid blocks.
Justin Meier - His energy and tempo matched Fernie's. Delivered some heavy collisions.
Tyson Brouwer - 31 saves

Extra Reading

Friday, 20 November 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Fernie Ghostriders

It's Food Bank Night! Bring non-perishable food items to donate. After the first goal you can toss mitts, toques, and socks in a plastic bag on the ice.

Kimberley DynamitersvsFernie Ghostriders
1stDivision StandingT-3rd
3rd (4.13)Offence (GFA)5th (3.59)
2nd (2.09)Defence (GAA)13th (3.09)
0.927Goaltending (SV%)0.916
6th (19.82%)Power PlayT-4th (20.00%)
4th (88.40%)Penalty Kill16th (82.65%)
1stPower Ranking5th
8-2-0-0Last 104-6-0-0
Jason Richter (18G-16A)Top ScorerCole Keebler (19G-20A)
Eric Buckley (10G-21A)2nd Top ScorerZach Befus (12G-14A)
Jared Marchi (11G-19A)3rd Top ScorerJustin Peers (8G-15A)
Justin Meier (53)PIM LeaderAlex Cheveldave (78)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

KIJHL Clutch Scorers November 17, 2015

There has been some shifting in the Clutch Scorers since a month ago. Most notably, James Severs from Creston Valley has jumped from not being in the top last month to being number one this month, which also makes him the hottest player in the KI, imo.

Zach Befus from Fernie also stands out as he did not rank in October and jumped to 4th place. Jace Weeger from Beaver Valley has had the largest increase amongst players who ranked last month and stayed ranked this month.

Defenceman that rank are Kimberley's Jordan Busch, Kelowna's Josh Baird and Creston Valley's Jackson Bruce-Fuoco.

Without further adieu, here is the list:

1 James Severs Creston Valley Thunder Cats 10 10 0 0 6 26
2 Logan Mostat Chase Heat 12 5 4 0 4 25
3 Jared Marchi Kimberley Dynamiters 4 8 2 0 10 24
4 Zach Befus Fernie Ghostriders 14 8 0 0 2 24
5 Cole Keebler Fernie Ghostriders 2 9 8 0 4 23
6 Alec Wilkinson Creston Valley Thunder Cats 4 14 0 0 4 22
7 Carson Cartwright Creston Valley Thunder Cats 12 4 6 0 0 22
8 Jace Weegar Beaver Valley Nitehawks 6 10 0 0 6 22
9 Jason Richter Kimberley Dynamiters 14 4 2 0 2 22
10 Jack Mills Summerland Steam 10 0 4 3 2 19
11 Josh Baird Kelowna Chiefs 8 7 2 0 2 19
12 Kolten Moore Chase Heat 4 5 2 0 8 19
13 Micheal Cardinal Columbia Valley Rockies 6 8 4 1 0 19
14 Jackson Bruce-Fuoco Creston Valley Thunder Cats 8 5 0 1 4 18
15 Bobby LaRue Osoyoos Coyotes 6 3 2 0 6 17
16 Eric Buckley  Kimberley Dynamiters 8 5 0 0 4 17
17 Jordan Busch Kimberley Dynamiters 0 17 0 0 0 17
18 Rainer Glimpel Osoyoos Coyotes 10 5 0 2 0 17
19 Ryan Lawson Kelowna Chiefs 6 5 2 0 4 17

Yes there are only 19 players listed, there was a natural statistical cut off there. After 17 pts, there were several players tied for 13 pts.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters win wild game over Columbia Valley Rockies in Canal Flats

After learning that the game was not going to be broadcasted, I carpooled up to Canal Flats to catch the game. This wild game did not fail to disappoint.

Game Notes
  • The game was played in Canal Flats, timing was great, as the sawmill just closed. It felt like a great community service.
  • Brouwer started the game against McKay (that's three starts in a row for Brouwer).
  • Both teams were 8-2 coming into this game
  • Attendance is listed as zero. Felt like 100 people were in attendance.
  • Brodie Buhler was suspended
  • Langelaar was playing forward
The Dynamiters opened the scoring early as Haase skated out from behind the net into the slot. 1-0 Nitro's 27 seconds in. Kimberley then got a 5-on-4; 5-on-3 back to 5-on-4 PP, but failed to capitalize on the smaller ice surface, giving up their PP when Doell was penalized. It was then 4-on-4 for a short period of time. As the period went on, it was a give a hit, take a hit feel. As the midway point approached, the Rockies tied the game. Morey was penalized back-to-back, and on both chances the Rockies scored, giving themselves a 3-1 lead. As the period drew to an end, Buckley was being bear hugged, Buckley was even raising his hands to show how onesided the hug was. The linesmen still did not separate the two of them, so Buckley then spun the Rockies player to the ice. After all was said and done, Kimberley got a PP with 4 seconds left. Shots were 16-7 for Kimberley at the end of the period.

Campanella left the game after the period.

The Nitro's started the period on the PP, but struggled to solve the Rockies PK. Kimberley was then penalized again, two times in a row. Which Kimberley killed successfully. Richter then got the Dynamiters within one, assist to Doell. Then Farmer took a pretty feed from Moser, and he stick handled around the goalie to tie the game. Then the cheering from both sides began to increase. Little "fan battles" for chants and waving signs increased. Meier then snuck in from the point and gave the Dynamiters a 4-3 lead. After the goal, the parade to the penalty box continued as this official was calling every single minor infraction (emphasized the minor for later). Richter drew a head contact penalty as he was drilled into the ice (he spontaneously played after that moment). The period ended 4-3, Kimberley scoring three unanswered goals. Kimberley also led in shots 20-12.

In a weird play, Kimberley received a double minor. The whistle had blown and a Rockies player continued towards and cross-checked Purdy, which Purdy responded by shoving the player down, and Purdy was penalized. The Rockies then had a 5-on-3 for a full two minutes. They capitalized. What was weird was that after St. Jean scored, he and Meier swapped sticks. Somehow during the play they must have lost sticks and grabbed the others stick, which ironically means that St. Jean scored a goal using Meier's stick (weird). A couple of minutes later Tyler van Steinburg got the Dynamiters back ahead. Then a classic #BecauseItsBuckley moment, he was creamed into the boards, down on the ice, blood coming from his forehead, but no penalty was called. He had to leave the game to be treated, which he left a trail of blood on the ice as he left. You can just imagine the reaction from the Nitro's bench. After all that emotion, the Nitro's were vulnerable and the Rockies tied the game. It felt like this game was headed to OT. The Rockies had a chance when Brouwer lost the puck, if the Rockies player would have tapped the puck instead of swatting it, they would have won the game, but instead the puck fluttered over the net. Then in the dying minute, there was a scramble play, the puck crossed the line (as noted by the upstairs observeres), the goal light went on, then the net came off, and the ref waved off the goal. Looked like OT. But then, Marchi, with the buzzer beater as he skated from the face-off circle into the slot and scored the game winner with 0.1 seconds on the clock! Elation by all Nitro's fans!! Shots this period were an even 12-all.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jared Marchi - 1G 1A, clutch. KIJHL player of the game.

Honorable Mentions
Kenaan Haase - 1G 2A
James Farmer - 1G 1A

Extra Reading

Sunday, 15 November 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Columbia Valley Rockies in Canal Flats

Reminder that this game is taking place in Canal Flats. There is no webcast available for the game. Tickets are $5.

Kimberley DynamitersvsColumbia Valley Rockies
1stDivision StandingT-3rd
3rd (4.05)Offence (GFA)9th (3.29)
T-1st (1.95)Defence (GAA)16th (3.83)
0.931Goaltending (SV%)0.900
5th (20.39%)Power Play10th (13.29%)
3rd (90.48%)Penalty Kill11th (83.87%)
1stPower Ranking15th
8-2-0-0Last 108-2-0-0
Jason Richter (17G-16A)Top ScorerMichael Cardinal (13G-13A)
Eric Buckley (10G-20A)2nd Top ScorerDonoven Quintin (11G-9A)
Jared Marchi (10G-18A)3rd Top ScorerLuke Bellerose (7G-8A)
Justin Meier (53)PIM LeaderDonoven Quintin (78)

Kimberley Dynamiters are settled by Creston Valley Thunder Cats in 5-2 loss

The Kimberley Dynamiters traveled south to face divisional rival Creston Valley Thuder Cats, always a difficult arena to play in.

Game Notes
  • Brouwer started against Lefebvre
  • 528 were in attendance, that arena sounded loud!
  • The Thunder Cats are deadly on the PP and PK, tops in both categories
The game started at a frantic pace, as both teams were looking to find an edge over the other. Creston scored first off a rebound. Kimberley didn't take long to respond, as Doell batted in a rebound. However, there was a lot of discussion after this goal, debating if Doell hit the puck with a high-stick. While the refs were discussing under the broadcast booth you heard someone yell, "it wasn't even close!" I couldn't tell which side it came from, because were they saying "it wasn't even close to being a goal," or "it wasn't even close to being a high stick"? Nonetheless, after some discussion, Doell's goal stood and it was 1-1. Brouwer made fantastic saves as the period ended to keep the game tied 1-1. The period ended tied, but Kimberley led in shots 15-8.

This period required extra safety precautions, not just for the players, but the fans as this was a roller-coaster period. Haase gave the Dynamiters a 2-1 lead. The lead was short lived as the Thunder Cats stormed back and tied the game up. The Cats then quickly took the lead as they scored again, 3-2 Cats. And then things got ugly, a Cats player crashed the net, bumping into Brouwer. Nitro's d-men took exception to it, and a scrum happened. What was shocking was that not a single penalty was called on this play, no goalie interference, no roughing after the whistle, nothing. So now you have two very hightened teams. There was another scrum in front of Brouwer, and this time penalties were handed out, but all coincidental, so 5-on-5 play resumed. Creston than ran away with the game, scoring their 4th of the game, and the Cats fans were really into this game. And then in a curious moment, Meier was called for charging, because five minutes ago it was just acceptable to charge the goalie. Nonetheless, it was PK time, and the Nitro's killed the penalty. The crazy period finally ended, with the Thunder Cats up 4-2. The Cats led in shots this period 13-7.

Kimberley started the period short handed, which was a surprise because I didn't recall a penalty called at the end of the 2nd, but there was. Moser was called for interference (insert mad face).  Fans didn't lose hope, knowing that the Nitro's are explosive, and were banking on a comeback. These hopes were crushed when Kimberley was penalized and the Cats scored on the ensuing PP, making it 5-2. Five goals against marked the most goals scored against the Nitro's in a game this season. Kimberley tried to get back in the game as the Cats were called for spearing with two minutes left. Kimberley pulled the goalie and skated six against four but the Cats held on to their 5-2 victory. Shots this period were an even seven.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Trey Doell - 1G, KIJHL Player of the Game

Honorable Mentions
Trevor van Steinburg - kept using his explosive speed to create chances.

Extra Reading
Boxscore (currently jumbled with order of scoring)