Saturday, 31 October 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Columbia Valley Rockies

Kimberley DynamitersvsColumbia Valley Rockies
1stDivision Standing4th
3rd (4.29)Offence (GFA)10th (3.22)
1st (1.71)Defence (GAA)15th (3.83)
0.940Goaltending (SV%)0.897
4th (22.89%)Power Play10th (13.68%)
4th (90.59%)Penalty Kill11th (84.03%)
T-2ndPower RankingT-12th
10-0-0-0Last 105-5-0-0
Jason Richter (15G-13A)Top ScorerMichael Cardinal (7G-11A)
Eric Buckley (8G-19A)2nd Top ScorerDonoven Quintin (11G-6A)
Jared Marchi (7G-16A)3rd Top ScorerNolan Menard (4G-9A)
Justin Meier (45)PIM LeaderRyan St. Jean (47)

Friday, 30 October 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters 2015/16 Goal Song

I try to pay attention to searches that bring viewers to the blog, that way I can post materials that people are looking for. Recent searches have pretty much asked "What is the Kimberley Dynamiters goal song?"

Here it is, Booyah by Showtek:

And just as a bonus, here is the intro song. TNT by ACDC:

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters win 11th straight after blanking the Golden Rockets 2-0

For the third time in 11 days the Kimberley Dynamiters and Golden Rockets faced each other. Kimberley played a defensively solid game, and came out of Golden with a 2-0 victory.

Game Notes

  • The two teams are heading in different directions. Golden is on a 12 game losing streak, and Kimberley is on a 10 game winning streak.
  • Mitch Traichevich started against Brody Nelson
  • The previous two meetings were 5-4(OT) and 5-2 victories for Kimberley.
  • Reported 80 fans were in attendance
Kimberley came out flying. They fired a lot of shots at Nelson, who was up to the task. Sawyer Hunt scored the only goal in the period in a scramble play. Kimberley led in shots 12-3.

Kimberley got into penalty trouble. Busch went off, then Buckley, and then Meier was given the game. Rota and Marchi were also penalized, giving Golden many opportunities to get back in the game. But Kimberley had an aggressive PK, so much so that Hunt scored a short-handed marker, his second of the game, giving Kimberley a 2-0 lead.

Golden got into penalty trouble (or the ref balancing out calls... not sure). But the number of times Buckley looked sky high, shrugging his shoulders because Neslon responded with glove save after glove save. Buckley did beat Nelson once, but smacked the puck off the post. Got to remember, Nelson played with the Nitro's last season, and is familiar with the teams systems. Kimberley again was peppering the net, leading in shots 15-6, but couldn't score. Nonetheless, Kimberley finished with a 2-0 win, and Traichevich got his first shut out of the season.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Sawyer Hunt - 2G exploded with his 2nd & 3rd goals of the season.

Honourable Mentions
Mitch Traichevich - 19 save performance for the shut out.
Kenaan Haase - I don't think he lost a face-off, which definitely helps keep possession of the puck.

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Golden Rockets

Kimberley DynamitersvsGolden Rockets
1stDivision Standing5th
2nd (4.44)Offence (GFA)17th (2.07)
2nd (1.81)Defence (GAA)20th (6.00)
0.937Goaltending (SV%)0.871
2nd (25.68%)Power Play13th (10.45%)
5th (89.61%)Penalty Kill20th (76.32%)
T-2ndPower Ranking20th
10-0-0-0Last 100-8-0-2
Jason Richter (15G-13A)Top ScorerJake Gudjonson (4G-6A)
Eric Buckley (8G-19A)2nd Top ScorerTerix Fischer-Kobes (7G-1A)
Jared Marchi (7G-16A)3rd Top ScorerTanner Wit (3G-3A)
Justin Meier (43)PIM LeaderSean Ripley (59)

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters explode in 2nd Period for 8-1 victory over Chase Heat

The last time these two teams met, Kimberley lost in overtime to the Heat in Chase. This time Chase was in Kimberley... and what happens when you mix heat with dyanmite? An explosion! And this time, one that was very lopsided in the Dynamiters favour.

Game Notes

  • Tyson Brouwer started in net
  • Kimberley entered the game on a nine game winning streak
It appeared that this game was going to be defensive, as Rota notched his first of the season, to give the Dynamiters a 1-0 lead.

The explosion happened. Four goals were scored within the span of two minutes. Buckley scored with helpers to Haase and Meier. The Heat responded 20 seconds later to make it 2-1. Then Richter scored two goals within a minute to give the Nitro's a 4-1 lead. But that wasn't it! Kimberley added another two goals before the period was over as Moser and Chabot scored a minute apart. Quite the offensive influx.

Kimberley continued to add to their well built lead as the notched two more goals on the power play. Meier and Buckley, with his second of the game, gave the Dynamiters a commanding 8-1 victory.

Kimberley is now undefeated in the past 10 games. They have are also 8-0 at home this season.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jason Richter - 2G, KIJHL Player of the game

Honorable Mentions
Jordan Busch - 3A
Jared Marchi - 3A
Eric Buckley - 2G including GWG

Extra Reading

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Chase Heat

Kimberley DynamitersvsChase Heat
1stDivision Standing2nd
3rd (4.20)Offence (GFA)7th (3.53)
2nd (1.87)Defence (GAA)7th (2.40)
0.936Goaltending (SV%)0.929
2nd (24.64%)Power Play3rd (22.97%)
8th (88.89%)Penalty Kill12th (84.81%)
T-2ndPower Ranking10th
9-0-0-1Last 106-3-1-0
Jason Richter (13G-13A)Top ScorerLogan Mostat (11G-8A)
Eric Buckley (6G-19A)2nd Top ScorerKolten Moore (8G-8A)
Jared Marchi (7G-13A)3rd Top ScorerTrevor Okino (2G-12A)
Justin Meier (43)PIM LeaderLogan Mostat (60)

Kimberley Dynamiters continue their winning streak and undefeated at home record with 5-2 win over 100 Mile House

Photo by Jonathan Righton
The last time these two teams met, it was a very physical encounter and 100 Mile House edged out a victory. This time, the two teams played in Kimberley on a larger ice surface, and the outcome favored Kimberley.

Game Notes
  • Both teams had winning streaks on the line. Wranglers won their past six, and Kimberley their past eight.
  • Wallace and Pagura remain out with their injuries. Campanella was not in the game either.
  • Head coach Jerry Bancks could not attend the game, so assistant coach Jeff Keiver was acting head coach.
  • The sense around this game was that 100 Mile House plays an aggressive game, which suits them in a smaller venue; whereas Kimberley plays a speed game, which suits them in a larger venue. The fear was if the Nitro's would try to play the game the Wranglers way not their own way.
  • It was a rematch in net: Mitch Traichevich squared off against Steeves.
  • I was on a daddy-daughter date, and she wanted to hang out in the media booth with Taylor Rocca from the Bulletin and whoever was tweeting for the Dynamiters and track stats. Unfortunately we were booted out of that booth so the Nitro's could record the game (which is fine). But it was great having her track goals and penalties for us (which you will understand later).
If you blinked, you missed three goals. Doell got a breakaway feed from Marchi and Richter, and he potted the first goal 38 seconds into the contest. The Wranglers were quick to even the score, adding their first of the game 90 seconds later. But Kimberley had another answer and Richter gave the Dynamiters a 2-1 lead. It felt like the two teams were going to be averaging a goal per minute at this rate. And then the penalties started. Two first against Kimberley, and then two against 100 Mile House. Kimberley was efficient on the PK, and scored on their 5-on-3. Haase got the tally, and it was 3-1 Kimberley to finish the period.

This period went to the Wranglers. They were able to draw Kimberley in for three penalties, and scored the only goal of the period. Kimberley got trapped into playing 100 Mile's aggressive physical, and unpredictable, play. I was at an RCMP sponsored training earlier this week and the brought in a neuro-scientist who specialized in teenage brains. Every time a hit happened, especially in this game, as the hits continued to get higher and higher as the game progressed; I kept going "Their brains! Their brains! Protect their brains!" The hits were heavy, hard and followed through on. There was a moment where Marchi was drilled, very reminiscent of his injury last December, and a scramble ensued; Marchi thankfully got up, but he was in the fight-mode to protect himself and grabbed which ever Wrangler was closest. Period ended with the Nitro's up 3-2.

The game was getting frustrating for both benches. Inconsistent and incongruent calls aggravated the players and the coaches. Both teams got edgy after a late hit, and there was a lot of yelling. Even the coaches verbally went after each other. Tension was high. Haase scored his second on a give away, but assists were awarded to Hunt and Busch anyway. Then the anxiety as a viewer increased as there was fear for injuries. Penalty calls started mounting up as the ref tried to manage the game. Haase then scored again with three minutes left, and there was confusion amongst us media people if that was his third goal, to which my daughter said "27 has scored three goals" while pointing to her stats sheet. It was 5-2 for the Nitro's. But like basketball, the last minutes of the game take longer than the whole game. The Dynamiters held onto the three goal lead and won 5-2.

Kimberley ended 100 Mile House's winning streak, and Kimberley has now won their past NINE games. The put their streak on the line again on Sunday when they play Chase.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Kenaan Haase - Scored the last three goals for the Dynamiters, including the GWG. KIJHL star of the game.

Honorable Mentions
Trey Doell - 1G 1A
Mitch Traichevich - 25 saves

Extra Reading

Saturday, 24 October 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs 100 Mile House Wranglers

Kimberley Dynamitersvs100 Mile House Wranglers
1stDivision Standing2nd
3rd (4.14)Offence (GFA)7th (3.62)
2nd (1.86)Defence (GAA)7th (2.46)
0.937Goaltending (SV%)0.932
2nd (25.81%)Power Play12th (11.59%)
8th (87.69%)Penalty Kill17th (78.65%)
T-2ndPower Ranking16th
9-0-0-1Last 107-3-0-0
Jason Richter (12G-12A)Top ScorerBrett Harris (5G-11A)
Eric Buckley (6G-17A)2nd Top ScorerRyan Friesen (7G-6A)
Jared Marchi (7G-12A)3rd Top ScorerJustin Bond (6G-6A)
Justin Meier (41)PIM LeaderTate Page (34)

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters storm back with five unanswered goals to beat Golden Rockets 5-2

The anticipation for this game from local fans was intriguing. Some were worried that with how Friday's game ended for Golden, that Golden would come out a blazing in their own barn; others were excited to see the win-streak continue. Golden did come out blazing, but they did not have a response to Kimberley storming their way back.

Game Notes
  • Both these teams came into the game headed in different directions. Kimberley has won 7-straight and Golden has lost 11-straight.
  • Brouwer started against Nelson
  • Webcast - felt empathy for the broadcast team in Golden, they showed up expecting the equipment to work, but it was a viewers nightmare, and they took the brunt of it.
  • Golden only dressed 15 skaters, suggesting injury struggles.
Golden looked like they were going to dominate early. They scored their first goal two minutes into the game. Then followed up with their second goal shortly after the nine minute mark. Hesitation and concern growing. But the captain, Richter, had an answer as he scored getting the Nitro's back in the game. That goal was also the one that put him number one as the Kimberley Dynamiters all-time goal scorer.

Golden held pace with the Dynamiters, maintaining their lead. But then Doell scored his first as a Nitro shortly after the halfway point. The score was 2-2. The shots, 10-4, suggesting that Kimberley was controlling the play more.

Kimberley began an all-out assault. They led in shots 15-4. Hunt finished off a nice passing play between him, Buckley and Marchi. Moser got a similar break away chance, and this time got all-net instead of all metal. Then to finish it off, Meier, who was all over the ice, notched the fifth goal for the team. It was 5-2, and that's how the game ended.

Kimberley is now undefeated in the past eight games, and holds onto their 6-point lead over Creston Valley Thunder Cats

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jared Marchi - 3A. Helpers on the opening, go-ahead and finishing goals.

Honorable Mentions
Jason Richter - 1G
Justin Meier - 1G 1A

Extra Reading

Saturday, 17 October 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Golden Rockets

Kimberley DynamitersvsGolden Rockets
1stDivision Standing5th
5th (4.08)Offence (GFA)18th (1.91)
2nd (1.85)Defence (GAA)20th (6.18)
0.939Goaltending (SV%)0.868
2nd (26.32%)Power Play15th (10.20%)
6th (88.14%)Penalty Kill20th (74.14%)
T-2ndPower Ranking20th
8-0-0-2Last 100-9-0-1
Jason Richter (11G-12A)Top ScorerJake Gudjonson (4G-6A)
Eric Buckley (6G-16A)2nd Top ScorerTerix Fischer-Kobes (5G-1A)
Jared Marchi (7G-9A)3rd Top ScorerEmerson Pugh (3G-2A)
Justin Meier (41)PIM LeaderSean Ripley (43)

Kimberley Dynamiters complete the comeback to win 5-4 in OT over Golden Rockets

Photo by Jonathan Righton
The third meeting between these two teams was vastly unique compared to the other two games. Golden was so frantic, that it Kimberley struggled with the pace. It's like that friend that when you are around them, everything goes chaotic. With all that chaos the Rockets were three minutes away from winning their first game in the third before the game was tied and then lost in OT. Quite the game.

Game Notes
  • Keenan Haase was not in the game
  • Brody Nelson, Kimberley's backup goalie last season, started against his former team. I queried GM Mike Reid about this his response: "Brody was a great teammate and friend but that goes aside when competing against him." Adding that "[Brody] also knows our best shooters very well."
  • Mike Traichevich got the start for Kimberley.
  • According to the boxscore, Golden dressed 16 skaters.
1st Period
Chaos. The first half of this period was dominated by Golden. They scored two goals in the first five minutes that Traichevich could not see, and was an apparent victim of a bad practice. Brouwer replaced Traichevich in net, now his shut-out streak was on the line with Golden up 2-0. Then somehow, the tables turned. And for the last half of the period, Kimberley dominated tying the game with goals from Chabot and Langelaar (his first as a Nitro).

Brouwer remained in the net. But this period was Golden's. After a fight which removed Doell from the game, the Rockets took a 3-2 lead. And then what happens when the new way of trying things as a team doesn't work? Revert back to individual strengths...which doesn't work in a team sport. Kimberley dug themselves more in a hole as they focused on taking out the man, which created more penalty trouble. Golden took another two goal lead, 4-2. There was a moment that created confusion, an infraction occurred, the ref started to raise his hand, Brouwer started to leave the net, and then the ref lowered his hand, which left Brouwer scrambling back to the net surprised at the no-call. So were we.

The Dynamiters got back to their game play, controlling the play. Busch brought the team within one. Then in the last five minutes, on the PP, a nice tic-tac-toe play leveled the score. Sigh of relief. Then later, Moser, who managed to split the D had a breakaway and beat everyone and everything but the post. The game was headed to OT.

Kimberley truly played the possession game, especially as Marchi had the puck on his stick like a yo-yo. Then in almost the same chaotic fashion as the game had been, Meier scored the OT winner as the puck crossed the line, and then he followed. Golden was not impressed, but the Dynamiters were celebrating, and the goal stood.

With that kind of ending, Golden will be looking for revenge in their barn when the two teams face off again tonight (Saturday) in Golden.

I was truly impressed with Brody Nelson, who made a lot of grand saves.

I chatted with one of goal judges after the game, and he felt the team was lucky to escape that game with a W. When I asked about the last goal, he simply responded "We hit the light when the puck crosses the line" eluding to any other judgements about a goal are up to the ref.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Justin Meier - His presence was known, scored the GWG with intent

Honorable Mentions
Austyn Moser - 1A, KIJHL Player of the Game
Jordan Busch - 1G 2A
Trevor van Steinburg - He's like a crash-test dummy, willing to do anything for the team sacrificing his body.

Extra Reading

Friday, 16 October 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Golden Rockets

Kimberley DynamitersvsGolden Rockets
1stDivision Standing5th
5th (4.00)Offence (GFA)19th (1.70)
1st (1.67)Defence (GAA)20th (6.30)
0.945Goaltending (SV%)0.868
4th (24.53%)Power Play20th (6.82%)
3rd (90.74%)Penalty Kill20th (75.93%)
T-2ndPower Ranking20th
7-1-0-2Last 100-10-0-0
Jason Richter (11G-10A)Top ScorerJake Gudjonson (4G-5A)
Eric Buckley (5G-15A)2nd Top ScorerTerix Fischer-Kobes (4G-1A)
Jared Marchi (7G-8A)3rd Top ScorerEmerson Pugh (3G-2A)
Justin Meier (37)PIM LeaderSean Ripley (43)

Thursday, 15 October 2015

KIJHL Clutch Scorers - October 15, 2015

Hi! And welcome to the first KIJHL Clutch Scorers list of the 2015/16 season.

How does this work?
It is a formula looking at goals scored, and assisted on at key times. Please note that this stats analysis is only as good as the original stats are. So if PP, SH and GW goals are not being tracked accordingly, this analysis.

  • PPG - 2 points for every one goal scored
  • PPA - 1 pt for every one assist
  • SHG - 2 pts for every one goal
  • SHA - 1 pt for every one assist
  • GWG - 2 pts for every one goal
This is to help recognize the players that are able to score at key moments of the game. So for example, Eric Buckley, is 2nd in team scoring for the Dynamiters, but does not appear on this list, while Jason Richter (1st), Jared Marchi (3rd), and Jordan Busch (4th) do.

So here is the first list. Includes 21 players this time around:

Jason Richter Kimberley Dynamiters 10 3 2 0 2 17
Logan Mostat Chase Heat 8 3 4 0 2 17
Cole Keebler Fernie Ghostriders 2 4 6 0 4 16
Rainer Glimpel Osoyoos Coyotes 10 3 0 2 0 15
Jackson Bruce-Fuoco Creston Valley Thunder Cats 6 4 0 0 4 14
Jared Marchi Kimberley Dynamiters 2 4 2 0 6 14
Alec Wilkinson Creston Valley Thunder Cats 2 10 0 0 0 12
Bryson Yee  Grand Forks Border Bruins 8 0 0 0 4 12
Carson Cartwright Creston Valley Thunder Cats 8 2 2 0 0 12
Kolten Moore Chase Heat 2 4 0 0 6 12
Jack Mills Summerland Steam 6 0 2 3 0 11
Paulsen Lautard Summerland Steam 0 2 4 1 4 11
Jonathan Lee Kelowna Chiefs 4 4 0 0 2 10
Jordan Busch Kimberley Dynamiters 0 10 0 0 0 10
Bobby LaRue Osoyoos Coyotes 2 3 2 0 2 9
Jace Weegar Beaver Valley Nitehawks 4 3 0 0 2 9
Jaden McNulty  Kelowna Chiefs 6 1 2 0 0 9
Josh Kobelka Kelowna Chiefs 2 3 0 0 4 9
Kevin Roth Kelowna Chiefs 4 5 0 0 0 9
Kurtis Redding Spokane Braves 4 3 0 0 2 9
Tre Sales Kamloops Storm 4 1 2 0 2 9

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

KIJHL Alumni in NHL 16

Just about two weeks ago I shared on twitter that I was able to compile at KIJHL Alumni squad on NHL 16. I have finally sim'd them through the NHL, AHL and WHL. And here are the results.

First the lineup, as I shared on twitter:

I look at the team, and they are solid defensively, but lacking in other levels... potentially.

Keep in mind the rosters and ratings were prior to any roster updates.

NHL Simulation
I substituted out the Arizona Coyotes for the KIJHL Alumni team.

In 82 games, the team posted 53 points, a 24-53-5 record; last place in the division, conference and league.

David LeNeveu went 17-38-3, 2.94 GAA and .916 SV%
Justin Pogge went 7-16-1, 3.12 and .911

Leading scorers were:

  1. Shea Weber 8-44-52
  2. Cody Franson 19-25-44
  3. Andrew Ebbet 12-29-41
  4. Chuck Kobasew 17-23-40
  5. Drayson Bowman 24-16-40
More Info At Bottom

AHL Simulation
I substituted out the Manitoba Moose for the KIJHL Alumni team.

In 76 games, the team posted 97 points, a 45-24-7 record, finishing third in the league.

David LeNeveu went 29-17-5, 2.40 GAA and .911 SV%
Justin Pogge went 16-7-2, 2.11 and .921

Leading scorers were:
  1. Cody Franson 17-70-87
  2. Shea Weber 18-52-70
  3. Chuck Kobasew 31-35-66
  4. Drayson Bowman 27-30-57
  5. Andrew Ebbett 16-37-53
In the post-season, they went 3-1 against Charlotte Checkers; then 4-0 against Rockford Ice Hogs; 4-3 against Texas Stars; and then lost 3-4 against the Syracuse Crunch in the finals... so close!

Cody Franson and Shea Weber led the attack. David LeNevue posted a 1.78 GAA and .935 SV%

More Info At Bottom

WHL Simulation

I substituted out the Kootenay Ice for the KIJHL Alumni team.

In 72 games, the team posted 131 points, going 65-6-1. Top in the league.

David LeNeveu went 42-5, 1.46 GAA and .921 SV%
Justin Pogge went 23-1, 1.30 GAA and .926 SV%

Leading scorers were:

  1. Shea Weber 33-93-126
  2. Cody Franson 28-76-104
  3. Andrew Ebbett 33-47-80
  4. Craig Cunningham 23-42-65
  5. Derek Ryan 18-38-56
In the post season the first round proved most difficult as they went 4-2 against the Red Deer Rebels, 4-0 against the Medicine Hat Tigers, 4-0 against Prince Albert Raiders, and 4-0 against Portland Winterhawks in the finals.

Craig Cunningham and Chuck Kobasew led the attack. David LeNevue went 9-2 and posted 1.54 GAA, .925 SV%; Justin Pogge went 7-0 0.73 GAA, .967 SV%

As was the case last time I did this. The NHL proves to be a struggle, competitive in the AHL and dominant in the WHL.

Screen Shots

WHL Playoffs

 WHL - Regular Season

AHL - Playoffs

AHL - Regular Season

NHL - Regular Season

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters remain undefeated at home with 3-0 win over Grand Forks Border Bruins

Photo by Jonathan Righton
The Grand Forks Border Bruins came to town, and in their bright yellow jerseys, they took on the Dynamiters in their breast cancer pink jerseys (very vibrant colours for a hockey game). The Dynamiters continued their winning ways over the Border Bruins with a 3-0 win.

Game Notes
  • Devan Langelaar made his Nitro's debut
  • Brouwer got back-to-back starts. He squared off against Galliart.
  • Just a reminder that the pink jersey's are being auctioned.
  • Cydnie Rice (a local girl) was back in town refereeing her first game in Kimberley
  • 566 in attendance
Marchi continued his hot ways as he squeaked in the first goal of the game on the short-side of the goalie. Later, the Nitro's got a PP opportunity as Trevor van Steinburg was launched into the net, call was interference. Despite numerous chance, and crisp passes, the Dynamiters were held blank during their PP chance. As that opportunity concluded the Nitro's took back-to-back penalties, giving the Border Bruins a PP for four minutes. But the penalty kill was once again strong, and kept Border Bruins at bay. Period ended 1-0 for Nitro's.

Haase built the lead for the Dynamiters, as he continues averaging a point per game (and nearly a goal per game too!).  Farmer followed it up later with his first of the season, giving the Dynamiters a 3-0 lead in the first 30 minutes of the game. Many in the stands thought the scoring would continue for the remainder of the game... but it didn't. The Border Bruins held the fort.

The Dynamiters did not give up. They fired the most amount of shots on net this period, hoping to increase their lead (16 shots), but the goalie, Galliart, impressively shut the Dynamiters out for the remaining 30 minutes of the game. On the other end, Brouwer shut the Border Bruins out for the full 60 minutes, going 120 minutes without letting in a goal, earning his fourth shutout of the season, and his second in a row.

A win is a win, and the Dynamiters, as Austyn Moser put it, so hot right now. Winning their past six games in a row.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jared Marchi - GWG, and had many moments of great stick-handling. Also played a versatile role, filling in on the back end when needed, especially when D pinched in.

Honorable Mentions
Tyson Brouwer - with the shut out
George Bertoia - silently shutting down the opposition. KIJHL star of the game.
James Farmer - first Nitro's goal.

Extra Reading

Saturday, 10 October 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Grand Forks Border Bruins

Kimberley DynamitersvsGrand Forks Border Bruins
1stDivision StandingT-4th
3rd (4.09)Offence (GFA)19th (1.82)
2nd (1.82)Defence (GAA)17th (4.36)
0.941Goaltending (SV%)0.888
4th (26.53%)Power Play14th (10.94%)
4th (90.00%)Penalty Kill12th (85.14%)
T-2ndPower RankingT-17th
7-1-0-2Last 102-7-0-1
Jason Richter (11G-9A)Top ScorerShayne Pluto (4G-3A)
Eric Buckley (5G-14A)2nd Top ScorerBryson Yee (5G-0A)
Jared Marchi (6G-8A)3rd Top ScorerJosh Gladman (0G-5A)
Justin Meier (35)PIM LeaderNico Sidoni (46)

Kimberley Dynamiters blank Creston Valley Thunder Cats in 4-0 victory

Photo by Jonathan Righton
There was much anticipation for this divisional rivalry game (or division friendship), at least for me. This game was going to be a nice indicator of where both teams were at. The outcome, while exciting for Nitro's fans, was a little unexpected as the Nitro's held the Cats back.

Game Notes
  • Both teams came into the game hot, both on a 4-game winning streak
  • Wallace and Pagura - both out indefinitely
  • Brouwer and Lefebvre got the start in net (both stellar goalies)
  • Always grateful for those dedicated Creston Valley fans who make the trip to Kimberley to support their team. It really adds energy to the arena.
  • It looks like I followed the Thunder Cats bus home from work - which this was at 5:45. Had me wondering if getting to the arena at 6pm was enough time to stretch, warm up, and mentally prepare for the game that started as 7pm.
  • Prior to the game GM Mike Reid said this was going to be a game where every inch of the ice was going to be contested.
These two teams have built a finesse rivalry. The intensity is there, but it is not the zoo that usually happens when we play Fernie. It was a fast paced game, chances at both ends. The Cats were dominating special teams when entering the game. But the Dynamiters didn't get stuck playing a numbers game and scored on their first PP chance of the game, Marchi from Richter and Busch. In the dying minutes of the game, the Cats got their first PP chance, but Kimberley did an excellent job of cutting down the angles and held onto their 1-0 lead as the period finished.

Marchi and Richter teamed up for another goal, as Marchi scored his second of the game. Shortly after the goal, the Dynamiters were short handed again. But their penalty kill was very aggressive. It reminded of the days in the NHL when the Buffalo Sabres were confident in Hasek to keep the puck out, so they had a man hovering high while killing the penalty. Well, it almost worked out. The Nitro's got a penalty shot opportunity while on the PK, but a tired penalty killer couldn't solve Lefebvre. Both teams then swapped penalties as the period ended.

The Taber boys gave the Dynamiters a 3-0 lead, as Moser potted one, assist to Bertioa. Then the tempers spiked as the nearly 16 year old Chabot dropped the gloves with 19 year old Hogue. Both received 5 minutes and a game. However, Chabot also received a massive bear hug of support from Meier as he left the game. Both teams settled down and the finesse resumed. As the period wound down, Marchi with the help of Doell, scored his third goal of the game, completing the hat-trick. Brouwer also held on for the shutout.

After the game, both coaches chatted, and the webcast overheard them saying that this was going to be a great season.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jared Marchi - 3G, the versatile player is getting his offensive flair in gear. Also KIJHL player of the game, and currently who's hot in the KI.

Honorable Mentions
Tyson Brouwer - 30 saves for the shut out. Josh Hoffman of Summit 107 pointed out that Brouwer now has 3 SO this season after 8 games, and it took Brouwer 37 games last season to get 3 SO.

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Friday, 9 October 2015

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Creston Valley Thunder Cats

Kimberley DynamitersvsCreston Valley Thunder Cats
1stDivision Standing2nd
3rd (4.10)Offence (GFA)4th (4.00)
3rd (2.00)Defence (GAA)2nd (1.71)
0.935Goaltending (SV%)0.953
4th (26.09%)Power Play1st (35.14%)
4th (89.36%)Penalty Kill1st (94.74%)
T-2ndPower Ranking1st
7-1-0-2Last 106-1-0-0
Eric Buckley (5G-14A)Top ScorerAlec Wilkinson (4G-12A)
Jason Richter (11G-7A)2nd Top ScorerJames Severs (3G-9A)
Jordan Busch (0G-12A)3rd Top ScorerCarson Cartwright (5G-6A)
Justin Meier (35)PIM LeaderNicholas Kovacik (30)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters continue to win at home with 5-2 victory over Columbia Valley Rockies

The Dynamiters continued their winning ways at home as they won both their home games this weekend, finishing with a 5-3 win over Columbia Valley Rockies

Game Notes
  • KIJHL President was in the house (good thing the line brawl happened the game prior). He presented a cheque to KidSport with Subway for $24,000. - That's awesome, I love this program it is so great for our community.
  • Jason Richter is one goal away from taking the all-time Nitro lead.
  • Tyson Brouwer started the game in net.
  • This was not the same Rockies team that we beat 6-0 on the season opener. The Rockies just beat the Ghostriders on Friday and were playing with a lot of confidence. I was impressed with their level of communication on the ice.
This was a hockey game. Speed, communication, few stoppages. You could see that the Rockies had confidence and that they had painted a target on the Nitro's. Kimberley was up for the challenge. In the offensive zone, every section of the ice was being contested for. It took Buckley, stick handling out for the corner, and getting around the goalie on the backhand to get the first goal of the game. The Dynamiters took a 1-0 lead into the break.

At the midway point in the period, after Trevor van Steinburg was interfered with, Haase used his big frame and skated to the slot and fired a top corner shot in. A minute later Justin Meier added a goal from a tight angle. Sticks got a little high at the end of the period, and the Dynamiters were penalized.

The Nitro's started the period on the PK. But Marchi got a chance and buried a short-handed goal. 4-0 for the Dynamiters. Buckley added his second of the game and the Dynamiters were up 5-0. It looked like the Dynamiters heading for a shut-out but then a series of mishandled pucks in the defensive zone led to the Rockies adding their first and second goals of the game. The game ended 5-2. Kimberley out shot Columbia Valley 31-26.

The next game for the Dynamiters is at home on Friday October 9th.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Eric Buckley - 2G 1A. I think he is surprising people with his offence abilities. Currently sits on top of the league.

Honorable Mentions
Kenaan Haase - 1G 2A. Looks like he is finding his groove within the Nitro system.
Trey Doell - 1A. He is trying so hard to get his first goal of the year, showing a lot of commitment and puck possession skills.

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