Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Kamloops Storm complete the comeback with a 3-2 double OT win over Kimberley Dynamiters

It's been six months since these two teams faced off in the KIJHL Finals this past March. There was a lot of excitement preceding the game. It proved to be well worth the wait, and met expectations... just didn't have the ending that Nitro's fans wanted.

Game Notes

  • These two teams have sent four players to the WHL (Roy, Friesen, Patterson, and Shaughnessy); plus nine players to Junior A (Saretsky, Prevost, J. Gordon, Haase, Gordon, Bazian, Robinson, Trott, and soon to join Mullen). - Hope that the Junior Hockey News sees that.
  • Kamloops reportedly have only one returning skater from last seasons roster. So even though it was a Finals rematch, a lot of new faces out there.
  • Mullen and Brouwer squared off in net.

The broadcast was tardy. It was hard for me to justify to my wife that I had to watch the game when I was staring at a black screen. I got back in time to catch Buckley score his first of the season and give the Dynamiters at 1-0 lead in the final minutes of the first.

Kimberley was dominant for the first half of the game. Campanella, who kept trying to get a jumping start at face-offs, was able to use the same move to get around a defender and give the Dynamiters a 2-0 lead. But then the whistles turned against the Nitro's, and the Taber presence was escorted to the penalty box. Kamloops scored on the PP; adding a second goal, that bounced all over the place, to tie the game two minutes later.

Then tempers boiled. In a strange turn of events, Meier was called for head-butting as the period ended.

Both teams wanted to win in regulation, but neither would give an edge. There was a moment when Buckley landed on the puck, and as the play-by-play said, they treated him like a pinata, which if it was any other player being treated as such, a penalty would have been called. And then there was this kind of make-up spearing call. All I saw was Chabot collapse from being hit up high with the stick... but the ref had no idea who did it, so they almost by random grabbed a Storm player and put him in the box.

The Dynamiters ended the period on the PP.

OT 4-on-4
With the PP reaching over into the period, Kimberley started 4-on-3. There were several chances, but they just couldn't buy a goal. The Kamloops player that was called by random had a bee in his bonnet and created several chances. Brouwer kept the door closed, and the five minute period concluded with the teams tied.

OT 3-on-3
Lots of space when it is three on three. The teams traded chances, but eventually a break away chance for Kamloops created an opportunity with a rebound that was slide past Brouwer.

After all was said and done, Kimberley directed 27 shots on net. Kamloops though, they peppered Brouwer with 49 shots.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Tyson Brouwer - 46 saves

Honorable Mentions
Eric Buckley - 1G, KIJHL Player of the Game

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