Saturday, 12 September 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters win season opener 6-0

The Kimberley Dynamiters, a team that did not play any exhibition games, opened the 2015/16 season with a KABOOM, as they beat the Columbia Valley Rockies 6-0.

1st Period
Within the first minute of the period, the 20 year-old line: Buckley, Richeter & Marchi; scored the first goal of the season. It was quick and it was a surprise. Both teams then buckled in and played a solid 15 minutes of solid, heavy hitting, and fast paced hockey. Then the Rockies crumbled in the last five minutes of the period. Wallace scored his first of the season from Rota. Richter was originally credited with the 3rd goal of the game, but boxscore indicates Buckley got it. And then to finish the period off, Richter scored again! The Nitro's were up 4-0, and the Rockies swapped their goalie out. In a scary moment, that I didn't catch, Busch left the ice in a lot of pain.

Busch returned for the second period. Buckley, IMO, got called for a pretty lame penalty, but the league has this perspective on him that they just can't shift - despite him being an offensive threat as well. Mid-period the Rockies had another weak moment and in a span of 90 seconds, the Nitro's scored their 5th and 6th goals by Chabot and Purdy. It was 6-0, and the Dynamiters had a solid lead as they capitalized on their chances, the Rockies struggled to beat Brouwer.

The Dynamiters held the fort, kept their lead, and didn't give up on their lead. This isn't to say the Rockies didn't try, by the end of the game they had fired 34 shots at Brouwer.

Dynamite Player of the Game
Jason Richter - He was explosive and led the teams offensive charge. 3G 1A

Honorable Mentions
Tyson Brouwer - 34 saves for the shutout.
Eric Buckley - 3A
Justin Meier - 2A 4PIM

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