Saturday, 5 September 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters 2015 Camp Summary

The Kimberley Dynamiters Camp is in full swing, and I will be updating this post as I get information and attend sessions.

As I noted on the camp roster post, there are several returning players and that leaves a couple regular and AP spots open.

The most notable vacancy is a goalie to backup Brouwer - which is a great opportunity to mentor under the KIJHL's best goalie - but also a position of concern, because this goalie will most likely be considered the starter for the next season.

Saturday AM Scrimmage
First Period saw Team Black up 3-1 over Team Red. The Penticton Native, Buckley, continues to impress and his offensive flair showed up. Richter was all smiles. While recently signed Bertioa from Taber was making his size felt on the ice, but also joined the rush. There were a couple of moments of players jockeying for position; most notably Pagura, who missed all of last season due to injury, was making himself known.

Second Period. Amazing how a couple of line juggles changes the whole feel. This was a grinding period. A lot more hitting, and digging for the puck. It was a draw 1-1. Recently signed Moser showed off his abilities to get open, work himself to an open spot, and also his epic beard. Van Tetering from Red Deer and Ricky Bateman from Ft. St. John

There was a Third Period, but I missed out on it....

Saturday PM Scrimmage
First Period. Sound defensively by Team Black as they went 2-0. Really enjoying the chemistry between Trevor van Steinburg, Chabot and Wallace. Meier making his presence noticed with his physical energy and puck possession. Van Tetering with some bad luck on break and his stick got stuck in the boards. Marchi and Moser on Team Red had flashes of speed and stickhandling.

Second Period. Another close period. Team Red got the only goal. Farmer, Richter, and Campanella had chemistry. Bertioa on Team Black has a target on his back being the tallest player on the ice. The first and second penalties were called in this period as checking sticks got caught in skates.

Third Period. No scoring, but the veterans increased intensity as the period wore on. Campanella took being hit by Bertioa seriously, and sought revenge. Buckley lined up a defender. Pagura showed off his puck control skills in the corners to escape attackers on the defense and defenders while on the attack.

Saturday Summary
I wouldn't want to be the coaching staff, they have a lot of hard decisions to make as they fill roster spaces, and wait to learn which players on tryouts at Jr A, the WHL, and elsewhere make those teams or are returning.

Sunday Summary
Here is the list of players remaining after the completion of camp:

Tyson Brouwer G
Cody Call G
Jack Page G
Austyn Moser F
Marco Campanella F
Jared Marchi F
James Farmer F
Jason Richter F
Eric Buckley F
Jesse Wallace F
Justin Van Tetering F
James Rota F
Trevor Vansteinburg F
Korbyn Chabot F
Jordan Busch D
Tristan Pagura D
Lucas Purdy D
Justin Meier D
Tyler Vansteinburg D
George Bertioa D

Cal MacLeod G
Adam Anderson G
Rylan D'Etheverrey F
Chase Leroux D

Notice that this is not a complete roster (close to it though), the team is still waiting to see what the influx is like after Jr. A and WHL teams finish their tryouts.

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