Friday, 4 September 2015

2015 Kimberley Dynamiter Camp Rosters

Here are the two teams for the upcoming camp:

Reminder that the following signed players are on tryouts on other teams:

There are 30 players at camp. Eleven are returning players (or have spent some sort of time with the Nitros that were not recently signed). Four are recently signed players (Rota, van Steinburg, Moser, Bertioa). While the remaining 15 are battling for the remaining roster spots.

Now if you did the math like me, that's 11 returning + 3 on tryouts + 4 recently signed = 18 spots filled, when 20 are needed for a game night. That's a lot of competition for two spots. Now, as GM Mike Reid has said all summer: players, even returning players, have to earn their spot in the lineup.

See you at the camp!

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