Thursday, 20 August 2015

Kimberley Dynamiters Main Camp Schedule (Tentative)

The following is the tentative schedule for the upcoming main camp for the Kimberley Dynamiters. GM Mike Reid notes that times may change depending on number of participants.

Conditioning Camp
Monday August 31st                                        1:15-215pm
Tuesday September 1st                                                 3:30-4:30pm
Wednesday September 2nd                              3:30-4:30pm

Thursday September 3rd                                  OFF ICE (TBA)

Main Camp (Friday)
Registration                                                        4:30-5:00pm
Session 1             Team A                                  6:00-7:30 (practice)
Session 2             Team B                                  7:45-9:15pm (practice)

Scrimmages Saturday
Team A vs Team B                                           9am – 10:15
OFF ICE                                                            10:45
LUNCH                                                             11:30
Team A vs Team B                                           12:30 – 2pm
OFF ICE                                                            TBA                       

Scrimmages Sunday
Team A vs Team B                                           9am -10:15
Team A vs team B                                            12:30 – 2pm
Exit Interviews                                                  2:30
OFF ICE                                                            TBA                                        

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