Friday, 31 October 2014

Osoyoos spoils the Dynamiters trick-or-treating with a 4-0 victory

It was a spook-tacular night in Kimberley. After for me what was an enjoyable evening trick-or-treating with my family, we capped off the night by going to the game. Unfortunately we were in for a scare as the Osoyoos Coyotes beat us at our own game and drilled home their victory scoring three goals in the third.

Game Notes
Despite a tweet indicating that McBain would start the game, Brett Reader started the game.
Brouwer is out for 2-4 weeks with MCL strain
Busch was not in the lineup due to suspension.

The period was intense and entertaining. The Coyotes controlled most of the play throughout the first outshooting Kimberley 11-5. The period was scoreless.

As the game progressed along, the ice and the puck seemed to turn against the Nitro's. They were having difficulty staying on their skates, the puck seemed to have an eye for the Coyotes sticks. The Nitro's also struggled to put pucks on the net, directing 4 at Langan. The Coyotes broke the draw just over three minutes into the second. At the conclusion of the period, Van Steinburg was drilled into the boards and needed assistance getting off the ice.

The period in which the Dynamiters typically dominate, well, they received a taste of their own medicine. The Coyotes bested the Nitro's in their own style and system. They scored three quick goals, one a deflating short handed goal. The Coyotes really showed why they are tops in the league. The Dynamiters did pick up their pace, having the same amount of shots this period as their opponents, but it just wasn't enough.

Nitro's Player of the Game
Brett Reader - played his first KIJHL game against the best team in the league (Welcome to Kimberley! sorry that it had to be this way). Made 30 saves.

Honorable Mentions
Keenan Haase - It was like he was built for this kind of game. He showed true power forward grit, and was rewarded with more ice time.

Further Reading

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Osoyoos Coyotes

Kimberley DynamitersvsOsoyoos Coyotes
1stDivision Standing1st
1st (5.25)Offence (GFA)2nd (5.00)
7th (3.00)Defence (GAA)5th (2.88)
16th (0.891)Goaltending (SV%)4th (0.908)
1st (26.32%)Power Play5th (21.05%)
4th (90.16%)Penalty Kill8th (84.88%)
4thPower Ranking1st
5-3-0-2Last 107-3-0-0
Tyson Klingspohn (17G-8A)Top ScorerRainer Glimpel (8G-18A)
Jason Richter (13G-10A)2nd Top ScorerTroy Maclise (9G-11A)
Coy Prevost (7G-12A)3rd Top ScorerAaron Azevedo (4G-16A)
Eric Buckley (45)PIM LeaderTyler Orstrom (42)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Creston Valley scores 4 unanswered goals to beat Dynamiters 4-3

Kimberley played their first mid-week game of the season, and despite having an early lead they lost the game in OT to Creston Valley. This game was heated, had heavy hitting, with a dash of controversy.

Jason Richter continues to light it up on the power play when he tipped in the first goal of the game. Klingspohn continues his hot streak and scored the other two goals for the Nitro's, Prevost and Buckley were in on his two tallies. The Cats put one on the board before the period was out, and outshot the Dynamiters 15-12.

Creston Valley continued to pepper Brouwer, outshooting the Dynamiters 13-6 in the period. They also leveled the scores with two quick goals in the period.

And then things got ugly. Buckley and Steger got after each other and received coincidental minors. Not even 15 seconds later Fuchs boarded Marchi, Marchi took exception and both dropped the gloves (Marchi continues to play in this new role of leading the team in PIM). The two of them were suspended for the rest of the game. And as if that wasn't enough, Prevost got crunched into the boards  by Berger (is that another boarding call? Either the Cats are getting careless or are out there to injure). Prevost laid there on the ice while Busch came to avenge him. Busch was sent to the dressing room, and so was Berger. The Cats out shot the Dynamiters again 13-10. And this game, full of bad blood, was being sent to OT.

Neither team was able to resolve things during the 4-on-4 OT period. It then went to 3-on-3. And then things got even worse. Mazur came charging in on a break, tried to do a fancy stick drag while using his body to displace Brouwer from the net, he also partially landed on him, and slid the puck in. And for the second away game in a row, the Dynamiters lost by having their goalie crashed into. This time Brouwer didn't get up. He was sprawled in pain on the ice while the Cats celebrated their victory. Needless to say, the team, fans, and parents were ticked off by this goal. The KIJHL set a precedent at the start of the season when a non-injury causing collision between a Nitro's player and an opposing teams goalie led to a three game suspension. There have been no in game calls for goalie interference when our goalie has been run over, and there has been no league discipline. When you look at how many times the Cats were penalized for boarding in this game, and then they injured our goalie by running him, that is careless undisciplined play that has yet to be disciplined. To make matters worse, the KIJHL named Mazur as the "Who's hot in the KI' player for his heroics of taking down a goalie to score the OT winner. I am not impressed.

Nitro's Player of the Game
Tyson Klingspohn - or Klings-BOURNE as pronounced by the Creston webcast. He scored two goals, and had an assist on the other.

Honorable Mentions
Tyson Brouwer - stopped 40 of 44 shots.
Jordan Busch - Solid play in his end, and his heroics for protecting Prevost.

Further Readings
League Discipline (as of 12noon MST, there has been no discipline posted, but it is believed Marchi and Busch may end up on that list)

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Top 25 KIJHL Clutch Scorer's - October 28, 2014

Here is the second go around of clutch scorers in the KIJHL, I'm still trying to figure out how often I should do this...

Anyway, remember this is a snap shot in time and is looking at clutch ability in the offensive zone, not defensive.

Here is the formula

  • PPG - 2 points per PPG scored
  • PPA - 1 point per PPA
  • SHG - 2 points per SHG
  • SHA - 1 point per SHA
  • GWG - 2 points per GWG
  • TOTAL - add up all the above categories.

Yes, there are three Dynamiters in the list, all in the top 10!

1 Kaleb Boyle Chase Heat 14 6 0 0 2 22
2 Jason Richter Kimberley Dynamiters 10 2 4 0 0 16
3 Tyson Klingspohn Kimberley Dynamiters 8 4 2 0 2 16
4 Rainer Glimpel Osoyoos Coyotes 2 6 4 0 4 16
5 Jordan Passmore  Chase Heat 10 3 0 0 2 15
6 Jordan Busch Kimberley Dynamiters 4 10 0 0 0 14
7 Austin Turner  100 Mile House Wranglers 10 2 0 0 2 14
8 Troy Maclise Osoyoos Coyotes 8 3 0 1 2 14
9 Devan Suidy 100 Mile House Wranglers 8 3 0 0 2 13
10 Felix Larouche Kamloops Storm 8 3 0 0 2 13
11 Matt MacDonald Nelson Leafs 6 5 0 0 2 13
12 Paulsen Lautard Summerland Steam 6 3 2 0 2 13
13 Robson Cramer Nelson Leafs 4 7 0 1 0 12
14 Connor Venne Chase Heat 2 8 0 0 2 12
15 Max Newton Grand Forks Border Bruins 4 4 0 0 4 12
16 Aaron Dunlap Nelson Leafs 8 1 2 0 0 11
17 Nick Headrick 100 Mile House Wranglers 6 5 0 0 0 11
18 Tyler Chavez Leech  Revelstoke Grizzlies 8 3 0 0 0 11
19 Aaron Azevedo  Osoyoos Coyotes 4 6 0 0 0 10
20 Andrew Miller Beaver Valley Nitehawks 6 4 0 0 0 10
21 Bryan Lubin Castlegar Rebels 8 2 0 0 0 10
22 Cody Hodges Chase Heat 0 8 0 0 2 10
23 Ross Armour  Beaver Valley Nitehawks 6 2 0 0 2 10
24 Brett Jewell  Osoyoos Coyotes 4 2 0 0 4 10
25 Cameron Trott  Kamloops Storm 2 7 0 0 0 9

Monday, 27 October 2014

Introducing the Kimberley Dynamiters Captain and Associate Captains

The 'C' and the A's have shown up on Nitro's uniforms.

Jason Richter, is the captain

Jared Marchi, associate captain

Jordan Busch, associate captain

Tyler Kinnon, associate captain

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Dynamiters execute a stellar game to dethrone the Knights 8-2

The North Okanagan Knights came into Kimberley with a less than stellar record. And that record showed, not only in on-ice performance but also after the play interactions with fans. The Dynamiters took advantage of this a played, I'd say, a near perfect game with the lead.

Game Notes
McBain started the game.

The offence came fast and furious! The Dynamiters scored three goals within two minutes (Busch, Jowsey, Hancherow). The Knights swapped goalies after the third goal. Despite having three penalties called against them, the Nitro's potted two more goals. One was an odd situation that doesn't happen very often, Marchi scored on a penalty shot while short handed. Klingspohn added the 5th goal of the game. The Dynamiters outshot the Knights 17-7.

The barrage of penalties being called against the Dynamiters, but the Knights just couldn't get organized. The Dynamiters showed the Knights how to utilize the powerplay when Rosolowsky slid the puck in. The Knights responded within 10 seconds to make it 6-2. Despite being outscored this period 2-1, the Dynamiters led in shots 16-9.

According to the boxscore, the Knights changed their goalie again, but I don't think that happened... All I know is that the Knights lost focus. Their scratched players began calling out fans. The goalie began taunting the audience, and pesky Garrington complained to the official about the fans bugging him after he egged them on. So with the Knights being focused more on what was happening, and responding to things outside the rink, that allowed the Dynamiters to score two more goals (Klingspohn & Van Steinburg).

Nitro's Player of the Game
Jordan Busch. Solid in his own end, potted the opening goal and added two assists.

Honorable Mentions
Liam McBain - his first win
Tyson Klingspohn - 2G (5 in the past two games)
Trevor Van Steinburg - 1G 1A (his second goal in two games)
Alex Rosolowsky - KIJHL Star of the Game

Further Readings

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs North Okanagan Knights

Kimberley DynamitersvsNorth Okanagan Knights
2ndDivision Standing5th
1st (5.21)Offence (GFA)20th (1.79)
7th (3.00)Defence (GAA)17th (4.14)
16th (0.891)Goaltending (SV%)12th (0.894)
3rd (23.53%)Power Play20th (7.29%)
6th (88.00%)Penalty Kill5th (88.39%)
4thPower Ranking17th
6-3-0-1Last 101-7-1-1
Jason Richter (12G-9A)Top ScorerLogan Geefs (5G-4A)
Tyson Klingspohn (13G-7A)2nd Top ScorerAustin Garrington (2G-6A)
Coy Prevost (7G-9A)3rd Top ScorerMitchell Lukaacs (3G-1A)
Eric Buckley (43)PIM LeaderTrent Redschlag (52)

Nitro's get their revenge with a 10-3 win over Columbia Valley

After losing 3-2 in Invermere to Columbia Valley, the Nitro's got revenge in their own arena with a 10-3 win.

This period was frantic, and not nearly as clean as the game in Columbia Valley on Friday. There was 12 minutes worth of penalties, which Young from the Rockies was the most displeased with his hooking penalty. The Nitro's scored four goals (Richter, Rosolowsky, Hunt, and Wallace), to the Rockies one. Busch was delivering solid hits, Kinnon was sacrificing his body on the PK, and Brouwer made save after save including a breakaway. By the end of the 1st, it was 4-1 Kimberley, and they edged the Rockies in shots 11-10.

Near the midway point in the game, it was 7-3... and it felt like there was more scoring left in the game, that it could reach 14-6 (Apparently Columbia Valley, or Brouwer found that funny). Goals this period were from Klingspohn, Richter, and Buckley. The Rockies did rattle off two quick goals in the second to keep things interesting. What was more interesting was Kinnon delivered a solid hit close to the boards (and the ref did not call the play nor have his arm up indicating a penalty) however, some Rockies players took exception to the hit and started mugging Kinnon. The reaction from the players on the ice, and the Rockies staff led to a penalty and a game misconduct to be called on Kinnon (you will see later why this annoys me). The Ref also picked on Dagostin, after Brouwer got a stick in the mask, Dagostin cleared him out and was warned harshly by the ref. However, despite that, the Nitro's took a 7-3 lead into the third, outshooting the Rockies 15-10.

The Nitro's continued to run up the score, Van Steinburg and Klingspohn x2 potted goals. Van Steinburg was also checked from behind into the boards, however there was no call on the play despite the ref being a meter away. Which is frustrating, since the Nitro's kept their cool and didn't retaliate to the hit, the same way the Rockies did, there was no discipline given. But I am certain if there was a show the ref would have had to call the hit from behind to "balance things out." Anyway, who thought you could get so upset at the officiating when you win 10-3! Turns out you can. The Nitro's outshot the Rockies 14-4.

Nitro's Player of the Game
Tyson Klingspohn. He scored his second hat-trick of the season.

Honorable Mentions
Jason Richter - 2G 1A
Jordan Busch - solid play in his own end, 1A
Trevor Van Steinburg - 1G (First in the KIJHL)
Tyson Brouwer - 21 saves, 20th win
Jared Marchi - 3A
Marco Campanella - 2A and he sported a new hairdo

Further Reading

Saturday, 25 October 2014

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Columbia Valley Rockies

Kimberley DynamitersvsColumbia Valley Rockies
2ndDivision Standing5th
2nd (4.85)Offence (GFA)18th (3.00)
6th (3.00)Defence (GAA)19th (4.57)
16th (0.891)Goaltending (SV%)20th (0.867)
5th (22.22%)Power Play15th (12.16%)
6th (86.96%)Penalty Kill16th (79.52%)
4thPower Ranking20th
6-3-0-1Last 103-4-0-3
Jason Richter (10G-8A)Top ScorerDoan Smith (13G-8A)
Tyson Klingspohn (10G-7A)2nd Top ScorerRyan Lawson (4G-9A)
Coy Prevost (7G-7A)3rd Top ScorerSam Young (5G-7A)
Eric Buckley (29)PIM LeaderTy Duncan (42)

Dynamiters lose second in a row to Columbia Valley Rockies

The Dynamiters faced off against division rivals, and present division bottom feeders, the Columbia Valley Rockies. However, despite strong play through lengthy moments of the game, the Rockies showed their potential and won 3-2.

Game Notes
Liam McBain, son of Jason McBain, finally played his FIRST game in the KIJHL, giving Brouwer a much needed break.

1st Period
It was a clean (no penalties) period. The Dynamiters controlled the play, but were held scoreless. Nitro's had the edge in shots, 7-6.

2nd Period
Richter was called for interference, but the Rockies couldn't capitalize. Buckley was called for tripping shortly after killing the previous penalty. The Rockies were able to take advantage, and scored the first goal of the game. As the second period drew to a close the Nitro's got a PP opportunity but didn't capitalize. The Rockies took a 1-0 lead into the intermission, and had an edge in shots this period 9-8.

3rd Period
The Dynamiters were electric at the start of the third. Richter and Wallace took turns scoring goals and helping each other. It looked like it was going to be the typical third period for the Dynamiters (where they have scored the majority of their goals, and start dominating their opponent). But then the Rockies leveled the game. The Rockies then put themselves in an awkward spot taking a penalty with just over 3 minutes left. However, in a weird turn of events the Rockies came on the attack short handed, took a shot, McBain saved the puck and a Rockies player. The puck slid over the line at the same time that the net was knocked off. Despite this turn of events, the goal still counted. (This is the second time our goalie has been run down, and no penalty was called, yet every time the Nitro's get close to an opponents goalie and they do a dramatic snow angel we get a penalty). Needless to say, the Dynamiters were less than happy. And the Rockies won their third game of the season with a 3-2 victory.

Nitro's Player of the Game
Jason Richter. Got the Nitro's on the board, had a helper, and was named a star of the game by the league.

Honorable Mentions
Jesse Wallace. 1G and 1A

Further Readings

Friday, 24 October 2014

It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Columbia Valley Rockies

Kimberley DynamitersvsColumbia Valley Rockies
1stDivision Standing5th
2nd (5.08)Offence (GFA)18th (3.00)
5th (3.00)Defence (GAA)19th (4.77)
16th (0.891)Goaltending (SV%)20th (0.867)
3rd (22.95%)Power Play17th (11.11%)
5th (88.64%)Penalty Kill17th (79.01%)
4thPower Ranking20th
7-2-0-1Last 102-5-0-3
Tyson Klingspohn (10G-7A)Top ScorerDoan Smith (12G-7A)
Jason Richter (9G-7A)2nd Top ScorerRyan Lawson (4G-9A)
Coy Prevost (7G-7A)3rd Top ScorerCarter Melnyk (3G-8A)
Eric Buckley (27)PIM LeaderTy Duncan (40)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

KIJHL's Toughest Division

We are about 25% through the season, and I thought it would be interesting to see which division is the most difficult to play in, statistically speaking. I'm doing this because I believe the Eddie Mountain Division is the hardest division right now. Four of the teams are above .500, plus Kimberley and Fernie are 9-2-0-1. So let's put this theory to the test. (This only includes games played up until October 20, so last nights games are not included)

I'm going to rank each division according to three categories: Win Percentage, Points, and Power Ranking.

Win Percentage (add up the Winning Percentage of the five teams in the division)

  1. Eddie Mountain - 2.859
  2. Okanagan - 2.714
  3. Neil Murdoch - 2.713
  4. Doug Birks - 2.588
Points (add up the Points earned by the five teams in the division)
  1. Neil Murdoch - 81
  2. Doug Birks - 74
  3. Okanagan - 73
  4. Eddie Mountain - 71
Power Rankings (add up each Ranking of the team using the Power Rankings)
  1. Neil Murdoch - 49
  2. Doug Birks - 50
  3. Eddie Mountain - 55
  4. Okanagan - 56
So by looking at that ordering the following is the toughest division: Neil Murdoch
The weakest division is: Okanagan

Eddie Mountain and Doug Birks are tied for second. I blame Columbia Valley for making our division appear not as strong as it is (They rank last in the Power Rankings, worst Winning %, and have earned the least amount of points this season).

So it appears that my hypothesis is incorrect! At this point in the season, the Neil Murdoch division is the most difficult to play in.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

KIJHL Power Rankings - October 21, 2014

It's been two weeks! Time for the Power Rankings!

Just a refresher for each of the categories:

  • Rank - Current Power Rankings Position
  • LW - Last Weeks Power Ranking Position
  • Team - Team name
  • Offence - Rank in the KIJHL of GFA
  • Defence - Rank in the KIJHL of GAA
  • SpecT - The rank in the KIJHL of adding PP%+PK% together
  • Goalie - Rank in KIJHL of SV%
  • TOTAL - Adding the rank in Offence, Defence, SpecT & Goalie together
  • LWTTL - Last Weeks Power Rankings Total Score
  • Diff - The Difference in score between Last Week's Power Ranking Total and This Weeks Power Ranking Total

  • The Hottest Team in the League right now is the Sicamous Eagles, moving from 19th to 10th spot this week, and point difference of 20. They are on fire!

    The Coldest Team is the Kelowna Chiefs, down from four spots to 19th this week, and point difference of -14 from last week.

    Sunday, 19 October 2014

    Dynamiters lose first game at home in OT

    The Dynamiters saw their undefeated streak at home come to a halt as they lost 5-4 in overtime to the Creston Valley Thundercats.

    Game Notes

    The first period was exciting. There were hard hits (especially Kinnon's late period hit), there were pretty goals (cue the goals from Revie and Marchi), turnovers (which lead to the CV goal), and great goaltending. The Nitro's out shot the Cats 13-7.

    This was a curious period. Despite controlling the play, the speed of the Thundercats and their sure grit, tied up the game. Creative play and intuitive passing led to the Klingspohn goal, which gave the Nitro's the lead. Marchi re-established the two goal lead. And then after Cats bowled over Brouwer (which last time that happened, someone was given a 2-min, game misconduct, and a 3-game suspension... but of course, no penalty was called), they scored with less than a minute left in the period.

    I'm not sure how many times what should have been icing calls, were not. And then offsides were called on plays that were onside (as Buckley so demonstrated with the splits). Then Revie, who just came back from injury, was clubbed over the head (and guess what! No penalty!). The Nitro's skated for 19 minutes with the lead... and then those cats came back! You could just feel the deflation in the arena. The Cats were elated.

    The Cats completed their come back with a goal that can only be described as puzzling. I'm still trying to figure out the physics of it.

    Nonetheless, the Nitro's still got a point out of the game.

    Nitro's Player of the Game
    Jared Marchi - Played well on the PP and PK, scored two goals.

    Honorable Mentions
    Trevor Van Steinburg - This forward turned defenseman got an A on the first goal of the game... and your mom signs my cheques at work.
    Tyler Kinnon - Played a physical game, and delivered the hit of the game.
    Jesse Wallace - I think he earned more points than awarded, but nonetheless, he was a creative nightmare for the Thundercats.

    Further Reading

    Saturday, 18 October 2014

    It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Creston Valley Thundercats

    Kimberley DynamitersvsCreston Valley Thundercats
    2ndDivision Standing4th
    2nd (5.18)Offence (GFA)19th (2.50)
    6th (2.82)Defence (GAA)8th (3.20)
    11th (0.896)Goaltending (SV%)8th (0.901)
    3rd (23.73%)Power Play17th (10.00%)
    6th (87.80%)Penalty Kill7th (87.11%)
    5thPower Ranking14th
    8-2-0-0Last 104-5-0-1
    Tyson Klingspohn (9G-7A)Top ScorerCarson Cartwright (4G-4A)
    Jason Richter (9G-6A)2nd Top ScorerConnor Kidd (2G-6A)
    Coy Prevost (7G-6A)3rd Top ScorerAustin Steger (3G-3A)
    Jared Marchi (26)PIM LeaderJustin Post (28)

    Friday, 17 October 2014

    Nitro's survive late push from Golden Rockets to win 4-3

    After losing their first game of the season in Golden, the Nitro's had something to prove this game.

    The Dynamiters jumped out to an early lead with a PP goal from Richter (he's scored a lot of those so far this season). The Rockets responded back quickly to tie the game. Wallace scored in the last minute of the period to give the Nitro's the lead heading into the second.

    The Marchi, Richter, and Wallace line got on a roll. Marchi and Wallace both scored with the others in the line getting assists. This gave the Nitro's a 4-1 lead going into the third, much better than their last outing in Golden.

    Despite the shots being tied 11-11 this period, the Rockets put on the pressure to draw the game, but fell short, scoring two goals in the period. The Nitro's were able to take the win with a 4-3 win over the Rockets.

    Nitro's Player of the Game
    Jason Richter. In on all four goals (1G, 3A). Also named the star of the game by the KIJHL.

    Honorable Mentions
    Jesse Wallace. Scored the game winner, 2G 1A.
    Jared Marchi. 1G 2A.

    Further Reading

    It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Golden Rockets

    Kimberley DynamitersvsGolden Rockets
    2ndDivision Standing3rd
    2nd (5.30)Offence (GFA)5th (3.83)
    6th (2.80)Defence (GAA)11th (3.58)
    11th (0.896)Goaltending (SV%)9th (0.899)
    3rd (23.21%)Power Play19th (9.62%)
    6th (86.84%)Penalty Kill16th (80.39%)
    5thPower Ranking12th
    8-2-0-0Last 106-3-0-1
    Tyson Klingspohn (9G-6A)Top ScorerBraden Allkins (6G-8A)
    Coy Prevost (7G-6A)2nd Top ScorerCole Mckechney (3G-9A)
    Jason Richter (8G-3A)3rd Top ScorerIan Desrosier (8G-3A)
    Eric Buckley (25)PIM LeaderTravis Kelly (31)

    Monday, 13 October 2014

    Dynamiters celebrate Thanksgiving with a 10-3 win over Kelowna

    This was the Nitro's third game in 48 hours, but the team showed no signs of being tired, and for the second game in a row they had a dominating game, this time winning 10-3 over the Kelowna Chiefs.

    Prevost (scratched in the last game) opened the scoring for the Dynamiters. Kelowna responded shortly, and then Marchi tallied one for the Dynamiters, and then Kelowna scored again! It was back and forth, and the visiting Chiefs were keeping pace with the Nitro's. The Chiefs outshot the Dynamiters 10-9. Buckley became the teams leader in PIM, as he got a goalie interference call (ever since the playoffs last year, any time Buckley gets close to or in a scrum around the goalie, he is called for goaltender interference).

    Klingspohn (wait, didn't you just score four goals yesterday? let someone else put the puck in the net!) and Hancherow scored for the Dynamiters. The Dynamiters outshot the Chiefs 11-6.

    The dreaded third period for our opponents.
    The Chiefs seemed road weary, and the Dynamiters were energized. The Nitro's scored six goals in this period alone, and the Chiefs tried to stop the bleeding with a goal. Goals were scored by Richter, Rosolowsky, Klingspohn, Prevost, Marchi and Busch. I'm sure when the buzzer went, the Chiefs bolted for the bus to forget this nightmare.

    Nitro's Player of the Game
    Tyson Klingspohn. He's on a roll. 2 goals and an assist. Giving him 6 goals and 8 points in the past two games.

    Honorable Mention
    Tyson Brouwer - the workhorse, he has played in all 10 games, and to play this past three is a load.
    Coy Prevost - 2 goals and an assist
    Jared Marchi - two goals (watch out, our leading scorer from last year is getting on a roll!)
    Marco Campanella - the setup guy in this game with 3A
    Jordan Busch - 1G and 2A from the backend

    Further Readings
    Bulletin/Townsman write up by Taylor Rocca.

    Sunday, 12 October 2014

    It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Kelowna Chiefs

    Kimberley DynamitersvsKelowna Chiefs
    3rdDivision Standing4th
    2nd (4.78)Offence (GFA)10th (3.55)
    6th (2.78)Defence (GAA)18th (4.27)
    11th (0.896)Goaltending (SV%)18th (0.878)
    3rd (20.75%)Power Play9th (14.75%)
    9th (86.11%)Penalty Kill14th (82.28%)
    5thPower Ranking15th
    7-2-0-0Last 104-4-1-1
    Tyson Klingspohn (7G-5A)Top ScorerJonathan Lee (11A-9A)
    Jason Richter (7G-3A)2nd Top ScorerEthan Rusnack (8G-10A)
    Coy Prevost (5G-5A)3rd Top ScorerKevin Roth (3G-10A)
    Eric Buckley (23)PIM LeaderBraeden Cyra (42)

    Dynamiters remain undefeated at home with a 7-1 win over Beaver Valley

    After losing the night before to the Beaver Valley Nitehawks, the Dynamiters got a rematch game at home and proved how hostile they can be in their own arena, with a dominating 7-1 win over the Nitehawks.

    Some game notes first.

    In an early moment of tension (second time playing eachother in 24 hours) the lineswoman was trying to make her way to break up a scrum, and almost knocked Campanella over, the surprise on his face was priceless. The ref really let the teams play, that was until the bounty that Buckley has out against him, someone tried to cash in on with a head shot. The Dynamiters had many chances, including a Hancherow breakaway, but only Garcia and Klingspohn were able to capitalize.

    Early in the period the Nitehawks thought they scored, some how Brouwer kept it out and the ref waved it off, he was in a good position to do so. Campanella scored the only goal of the period, and tripped on a loose stick while celebrating.

    It seemed like the Nitehawks were going to mount a comeback, the Miller Revenge, was in full force, he and other Nitehawk d-men were firing shots at Brouwer. The Nitehawks scored their first of the game to make it 3-1. And then Kimberley, especially Klingspohn became explosive. Klingspohn scored three goals within the span of four minutes. Two minutes later Buckley picked the corner pocket, and it was 7-1 for the Dynamiters.

    Nitro's Player of the Game
    Tyson Klingspohn. Scored four goals, three of them in the third. He also added an assist.

    Honorable Mentions
    Jared Marchi - the shots he blocked sure looked like they hurt, 1A.
    Tyler Garcia - 1G and 2A
    Tyler Kinnon - he leveled several Nitehawks, and put more umph in the hit after he had just been leveled.

    Further Readings
    Taylor Rocca write up

    Saturday, 11 October 2014

    It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters vs Beaver Valley Nitehawks


    Kimberley DynamitersvsBeaver Valley Nitehawks
    3rdDivision Standing2nd
    3rd (4.50)Offence (GFA)13th (3.36)
    6th (3.00)Defence (GAA)13th (3.36)
    11th (0.896)Goaltending (SV%)20th (0.868)
    5th (20.00%)Power Play14th (14.04%)
    8th (86.11%)Penalty Kill11th (84.62%)
    5thPower Ranking17th
    6-2-0-0Last 105-3-0-2
    Coy Prevost (5G-5A)Top ScorerMitch Foyle (8G-9A)
    Jason Richter (7G-3A)2nd Top ScorerRoss Armour (3G-8A)
    Marco Campanella (4G-3A)3rd Top ScorerAndrew Miller (3G-5A)
    Jared Marchi (22)PIM LeaderJace Weegar (26)

    Nitro's lose see-saw battle with Nitehawks, 4-3

    The Dynamiters traded goals with the Nitehawks throughout the game, not team really maintaining a lead for long, until the Nitehawks scored with just over 5 minutes left in the third to hand the Nitro's their second loss of the season.

    The period started off disciplined and defensive minded. And then all of a sudden in the last half of the first period 26 PIM were dished out. Neither team were able to capitalize on the man advantage, but the Nitehawks opened the scoring, and the Nitro's Wallace scored 45 seconds later. The period ended 1-1, with the Nitehawks outshooting Kimberley 15-13.

    Marchi potted in a goal quickly, then Campanella took a penalty, the former Nitro Miller pounded in a point shot moments later, and the score was tied. In the later stages of the period, the Nitro's hemmed the Hawks into their end, the awkward location of the benches... about 1/4 of the way into the offensive zone, helped. And the line that has started clicking: Wallace, Haase, and Hancherow; scored their second goal of the game. The Dynamiters took a 3-2 lead into the third, despite being outshot 15-10.

    What drama! The Nitehawks tied the game, and then A Penalty Shot! For the Nitehawks! But Brouwer made the save. Kept us in the game.There were great opportunities, breathtaking misses, and some outstanding saves. It was anyone's game. The Nitehawks took advantage of some sloppy play, and took a 4-3 lead. Richter was folded in half as he crunched into the boards, it was hard to tell if he was tripped or fell over the line (a lot of Nitro's had difficulty staying on their skates when crossing a line), he returned in the final minute of the game. There were several scramble plays, but the Nitro's couldn't tie the game.

    The Nitro's get their shot at revenge as the two teams face-off again on Saturday in Kimberley.

    Nitro's Player of the Game
    Jesse Wallace, scored two goals and created many chances.

    Honorable mentions
    Kenaan Haase - 2A
    Austin Hancherow - 2A
    Jonas Gordon - 1A, and showed a lot of energy from the back end while on the attack.
    Jared Marchi - 1st goal, after leading the team last year in scoring and averaging 1.3 PTS/GM it is great to see him get on the scoresheet. It has been weird seeing him with the most PIM on the team.

    Further Readings

    Friday, 10 October 2014

    It's Game Day! Kimberley Dynamiters at Beaver Valley Nitehawks

    Kimberley DynamitersvsBeaver Valley Nitehawks
    2ndDivision Standing2nd
    2nd (4.71)Offence (GFA)13th (3.30)
    6th (2.86)Defence (GAA)13th (3.80)
    11th (0.896)Goaltending (SV%)20th (0.868)
    4th (22.73%)Power Play13th (14.00%)
    7th (86.21%)Penalty Kill13th (81.82%)
    5thPower Ranking17th
    6-1-0-0Last 104-3-1-2
    Coy Prevost (5G-5A)Top ScorerMitch Foyle (6G-9A)
    Jason Richter (7G-2A)2nd Top ScorerRoss Armour (3G-5A)
    Marco Campanella (4G-3A)3rd Top ScorerAndrew Miller (2G-5A)
    Jared Marchi (22)PIM LeaderAndrew Miller (18)

    Monday, 6 October 2014

    KIJHL Power Rankings - October 6, 2014

    Power Rankings time! I've added some columns now that this is the second time this season doing it, so below is the legend:

    • Rank - Current Power Rankings Position
    • LW - Last Weeks Power Ranking Position
    • Team - Team name
    • Offence - Rank in the KIJHL of GFA
    • Defence - Rank in the KIJHL of GAA
    • SpecT - The rank in the KIJHL of adding PP%+PK% together
    • Goalie - Rank in KIJHL of SV%
    • TOTAL - Adding the rank in Offence, Defence, SpecT & Goalie together
    • LWTTL - Last Weeks Power Rankings Total Score
    • Diff - The Difference in score between Last Week's Power Ranking Total and This Weeks Power Ranking Total
    This week Osoyoos again tops this list, and actually improved three points compared to last time! How do they do it!!

    The Kelowna Chiefs are the hottest team, up four spots, and improving 16 points. 

    The Revelstoke Grizzlies are down five spots, and 14 points, and are therefore the coldest team in the KIJHL.

    I should note (some home town pride), the Dynamiters were on the heals of the Chiefs for hottest team, up three spots and 14 points.