Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Kimberley Independent School visit

It is because of visits like this that my daughter is a huge fan of the Nitro’s. She recognizes the numbers of the players that came to her school at games now. Keep up the community outreach!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Highlights of Nitro’s 5-2 win over Rebels

Thanks to Stephen Pederson for the highlights, remember to check out his channel.


Nitro’s on the winning end of a 5-2 score over Castlegar

In November alone, the Nitro’s have lost 4 times to a score of 5-2, so beating the Rebels 5-2 is refreshing!

Shot blocking was a key part to the Nitro’s success in this game. There were a couple of shot blocks that stick out. Busch blocked a shot that would have led to the Rebel’s taking an early 2-1 lead. Revie also took a shot to the leg, and limped off, during a penalty kill.

Most of the second period, despite the Nitro’s being outshot 11-6 was spent in the attacking zone, leaving Mousseau lonely:



The cocky player of the year that I have seen by far was the Rebels Disher. It’s just a shame he didn’t “dish” (you see what I did there) anything out, no penalties, no goals, no point (the forgotten ‘s’ is intentional).

The referee was a little peculiar at times. Especially late in the 2nd, Miller was being dragged down to the ice and lost his helmet, yet was called for holding…? Bizarre.

I have also learned to be careful with my tablet when snapping pictures, because this hit:


Had me scrambling to keep my tablet from falling to the the ground! (As can be seen in this pic)


It is really hard for me to pick the Nitro’s Player of the Game for this game. Should it be the Marchi PP goal that was scored with a jumping-screen block? Or should it be Mousseau for making 23 difficult saves? Or Buckley who killed the Rebel’s chances of coming back by picking out the corner of the net? Or should it be Rosolowsky for scoring two goals in the first period? I choose Rosolowsky!

Now to the pics I got from the game:


Saturday, 23 November 2013

Mitts & Toques Night

After the first goal of the 5-2 win over the Rebels, fans threw mitts and toques onto the ice. These items will be going to the less fortunate in our community. Great showing fans.

Thanks to the drive for the above shot

Thanks to Chalet GM for donating the truck


Thanks to J. Righton for the above picture

Friday, 22 November 2013

It’s Game Day! Nitro’s vs Castlegar Rebels Preview

Kimberley Dynamiters vs Castlegar Rebels
10-11-1-0 Record 11-9-1-3
21 Points 26
3rd Division Standing 3rd
14th (3.09) Offence (GFA) 12th (3.33)
7th (3.23) Defence (GAA) 13th (3.83)
17th (.886) Goaltending (SV%) 15th (.892)
15th (15.6%) Power Play 12th (17.3%)
7th (82.0%) Penalty Kill 15th (80.0%)
13th Power Ranking 14th
L3 Streak T1
2-8-0-0 Last 10 4-5-1-0
Jared Marchi (13G-11A) Top Scorer Diego Bartlett (13G-9A)
Brandon Bogdanek (8G-11A) 2nd Top Scorer Darren Medeiros (6G-15A)
Jason Richter (9G-9A) 3rd Top Scorer Chase Reddin (9G-11A)
Dallin Wolf (75) PIM Leader Matt Reed (50)

Monday, 18 November 2013

November 18 - KIJHL Power Rankings

The hottest team in the league is the Beaver Valley Nitehawks, up three spots from last week. Both the Kamloops Storm and Fernie Ghostriders were the coldest teams, down three spots from last week.

RANK TEAM Offence Defence Special Teams Goaltending Last Week Difference
1 Kelowna Chiefs 4 2 1 4 2 1
2 Beaver Valley Nitehawks 5 4 2 6 5 3
3 Nelson Leafs 2 1 3 12 1 -2
4 Summerland Steam 11 3 8 2 4 0
5 Osoyoos Coyotes 7 6 7 9 6 1
6 Kamloops Storm 3 8 6 13 3 -3
7 Grand Forks Border Bruins 9 13 4 10 9 2
8 Sicamous Eagles 19 5 14 1 10 2
9 Creston Valley Thunder Cats 1 16 5 18 8 -1
10 Fernie Ghostriders 6 9 18 8 7 -3
11 Chase Heat 8 11 16 7 12 1
12 100 Mile House Wranglers 15 10 17 5 11 -1
13 Kimberley Dynamiters 14 7 11 17 13 0
14 Castlegar Rebels 12 14 12 15 14 0
15 Spokane Braves 20 12 20 3 16 1
16 Revelstoke Grizzlies 16 20 9 11 15 -1
17 Princeton Posse 10 19 13 19 18 1
18 North Okanagan Knights 18 15 15 14 20 2
19 Golden Rockets 17 17 10 20 17 -2
20 Columbia Valley Rockies 13 18 19 16 19 -1

Highlights of Nitro's loss to Creston

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Nitro’s lose 5-2 to Creston Valley

After a fantastic start to the game, in particular by Klingspohn, scoring two goals in about six minutes.

I have to admit this was also one of the least penalty filled games, both teams only having two power plays, with neither capitalizing. What was most frustrating was that Veitch from Creston was penalized, but no power play was awarded because it was a 10 minute misconduct, had it been a two-minute penalty, the Nitro’s would have had a power play.

Despite having a 2-1 lead into the second, the Nitro’s fell apart. And the third period which used to be their strongest because of their conditioning and speed, was poor as three goals, including the empty netter were scored.

Creston also took a page out of Kamloops playbook on how to beat Mousseau, and that is to shoot the puck wide and have it bank off the boards coming out the far side of the net.

Klingspohn, with the teams only goals, was the Nitro’s Player of the Game.

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from the game because I was ill, but be sure to check out the teams Facebook Page for photos uploaded by fans.

Remember you can always watch a replay of the game on PlayFullScreen.com

Friday, 15 November 2013

It's Game Day! Nitros vs Creston Valley Thunder Cats Preview

Kimberley Dynamiters
Creston Valley Thunder Cats
Division Standing
12th (3.20)
Offence (GFA)
1st (5.40)
5th (3.05)
Defense (GAA)
17th (4.10)
15th (.889)
Goaltending (SV%)
18th (.880)
14th (16.0%)
Power Play
2nd (26.6%)
10th (81.2%)
Penalty Kill
14th (79.7%)
Power Ranking
Last 10
Jared Marchi (13G-11A)
Top Scorer
Brandon Formosa (17G-23A)
Jason Richter (9G-8A)
2nd Top Scorer
Jesse Collins (11G-25A)
Brandon Bogdanek (8G-9A)
3rd Top Scorer
Trevor Hanna (18G-12A)
Dallin Wolf (73)
PIM Leader
Brandon Formosa (50)

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Highlights of Nitro’s 3-2 loss against Kamloops

Nitro’s lose 3-2 to Kamloops


The Nitros lost their second home game this season, in a close fight with the Kamloops Storm.

I was late to the game, and just late enough as a puck came out of play and hit the wall in the concession area. Catching everyone off guard. And that wasn’t the only thing that caught people off-guard, the referee was bewildering.

At times I wondered who the referee actually was, because Kamloops Storms Daniel Buchanan seemed to be making a lot of the calls, he was especially able to convince the officials where the face-offs should be, which impacted the game later on.

An example of were Buchanan made the call, was getting the linesmen to call the Nitro’s for too many players on the ice. And when Coach Bancks protested the lame call, he was served with a bench minor. This all happened while the Nitros were on the power play. The Storm then had a 4-3 power play, which was killed off, and then the subsequent 5 on 3 was also killed off. Marchi had a beautiful chance while short handed, but missed. Marchi later redeemed himself and scored with 1:50 left in the first to give the Nitro’s a 2-0 lead.

The second period got even crazier. There were no calls made on obvious boarding hits and hits from behind. Makes you wonder why there is fighting? Not really. If there isn’t going to be any punishment for these cheap shots players take matters into their own hands. Which made the Storms Marc Dumont’s hit even that much more frustrating. While yes he did get a lonely 2 minute penalty, Marchi and Buckley came to his aid, because we just lost a player due to a headshot the game before. The KIJHL SERIOUSLY needs to address headshots!

There were many other missed calls, some seemed to be injury causing as well. It was freaking frustrating.

But more to the highlight-reel maker of the game. Jeremy Mousseau. Easily the Nitro’s Player of the Game. It would appear putting on a Kootenay Ice jersey was a boost to Mousseau’s confidence. He stopped 40 out of 43 shots. He made unreal saves, stole goals, and was the reason the Nitro’s did so well against a top team in the league. The Storm had to develop a set play of taking a slap shot on an angle to miss the net and having the puck pop out on the other side of the net. It was the only way to beat Mousseau.

And this is how close the Nitro’s came to tying the game:

And now to pictures of the game:


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Highlights of Nitro’s 7-3 win over Revelstoke

It’s Game Day! Nitro’s vs Kamloops Storm Preview


Kimberley Dynamiters VS Kamloops Storm
10-8-0-1 Record 14-5-0-0
21 Points 28
2nd Division Standing 1st
12th (3.26) Offence (GFA) 3rd (4.79)
3rd (3.05) Defense (GAA) 8th (3.37)
15th (.889) Goaltending (SV%) 12th (.892)
15th (16.4%) Power Play 4th (26.6%)
12th (80.2%) Penalty Kill 16th (79.4%)
13th Power Ranking 3rd
W1 Streak W1
4-6-0-0 Last 10 7-3-0-0
Jared Marchi (12G-11A) Top Scorer Josh Rasmussen (12G-20A)
Brandon Bogdanek (8G-9A) 2nd Top Scorer Daniel Buchanan (11G-21A)
Jason Richter (9G-7A) 3rd Top Scorer Brock Balson (13G-17A)
Dallin Wolf (73) PIM Leader Daniel Buchana (46)

Nitro’s return to win column with 7-3 win over Revelstoke


Apparently we missed you Marchi and Buckley! Both had a hat-trick in the game. The other goal was scored Bogdanek. And they weren’t even the points leaders in the game, Perpelitz and Stack were with 4 assists each.

There was a ridiculous amount of penalties in this game. Revelstoke was 2 for 14 on the powerplay, and the Nitro’s were 4 for 19. The unfortunate thing is some of the earlier penalties were lame, such as the interference call against Buckley, and then Sibbald is tripped and there is no penalty. What was even more bizarre was Revelstoke’s Dawson took a cheap head shot with his stick to Barzilay, of course roughing followed, but we ended up being on the penalty kill! Barzilay didn’t even return to the game.

Kinnon was the tough guy of the game as he took a puck to the face and continued playing.

The save of the game, or the “I thought we would score on that play”, happened against Hancherow, with the clock clicking down in the third, he had a wide open net and was going to make it an 8-3 game, but Brandoli’s glove robbed him.

Nitros player of the game was Marchi, not because he scored a hat trick (because Buckley did that too), but because he scored those three goals in half a game, and was buzzing around the net like he was going to score more, if only those posts would redirect pucks into the net instead of away.

I need to do a shout out to the Grizzlies coach for having the best mullet in the league.



And now to some pics from the game: