Thursday, 20 June 2013

Nitros add defenceman MacKenzie Hollis

Mack is only 6'3" tall at 17 years old. He will be even taller on those skates! and I imagine a force to reckon with.

Welcome to the East Kootenay's, and especially to Kimberley!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Marysville Dayze - Playing Carter Bancks

During the Marysville Dayze my slow-pitch team played against Carter Bancks of the Abbotsford Heart, who dawned a Calgary Flames jersey for 2 games during this past season (one of my favourite NHL teams!). When I first saw and heard his name, I couldn't believe it for two reasons. One why was someone with an NHL contract in Kimberley? Two, everyone that knew him (since he grew up in the area) treated him like he was any other person. So I really had to contain myself and not run up to him and ask for an autograph and treat him like a celebrity. So I just took to twitter:

But this lead me to check out his profile on and the Flames have a nice video about him. And his latest after-game interview with Abbottsford shows that he is a genuine young man. I wish him all the best with his hockey career.